Rabi Pirzada Reveals Some Shocking Details About Her Viral Video Controversy

Rabi Pirzada Reveals Some Shocking Details About Her Viral Video Controversy

Regarding her contentious photos, Rabi Pirzada has always been reserved and has never explained. She was given an invitation to Nadir Ali’s podcast show and forced to discuss the specifics of that particular dispute. She undoubtedly had a rough time traveling. Nadir Ali questioned her about the reasons behind the issue and its effects on her life and mind.

Speaking of this, she stated that all was done for her family and that she would never reveal this information despite having commitments to them. The folks outside of her family were the ones who had the biggest impact on her. According to Rabi, the criticism and remarks had the worst effects on her. While discussing her condition, she was in tears.

To increase the topic’s visibility, people presented each image with extra flair to garner a few likes and ratings. Although Rabi has no grievances against the people who released her films, she does feel betrayed by others who used them to earn popularity and money. After all of this commotion, she conducted Umrah and stated that when she first saw the Kabah, she cursed everyone who had done this to her because she was so upset.

Whatever the motivation behind these images, Allah SWT is aware of everyone’s true intentions. He is the most forgiving and benevolent person. Who are we to condemn someone else? Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain was killed by this trolling, and it will undoubtedly kill more people in the future.

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