Rakhi Sawant surprises fans with drastic wardrobe changes

Rakhi Sawant surprises fans with drastic wardrobe changes

Rakhi Sawant, the classic Bollywood entertainer, has a talent for grabbing the tabloids\’ attention and turning any gathering into a party.

Sawant has experienced her fair share of scandals and controversies, which have boosted her notoriety. Recently, a Bigg Boss contestant stunne the internet with her remarkably unique lifestyle decision, which was praise by many.
Sawant appeared to be fully attire and wearing a hijab in an Instagram image. Adil Khan Durrani, with whom Sawant is currently in a relationship, was touched by the change Sawant made to herself and her wardrobe.

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During a recent interview, Rakhi Sawant said

“I apologize to Adil for wearing revealing clothes and I know it isn’t allowed in Islam but I couldn’t do anything at the last moment as the fashion designer gave it to me, and I couldn’t try it before the photo shoot. But I will be careful the next time and not hurt my love Adil.”

On social media, the pair professes their love for one another through various images that provide other couples\’ relationship aspirations. Netizens praised Sawant for her decision to switch up her clothing.
Sawant had earlier expressed her regret to Durrani for her decision to arrive wearing provocative clothing, but she had no other alternative at the last minute. She has a dreamy boyfriend in Durrani, who, instead of criticizing her outfit choices, said he needs some time to reflect. Sawant\’s acceptance of modest attire seems to have helped the couple find a solution to their disagreement.

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