Raped 8-Yr-Old Migrant Girl Had 67 DNA Samples Inside Her

Raped 8-Yr-Old Migrant Girl Had 67 DNA Samples Inside Her
Raped 8-Yr-Old Migrant Girl Had 67 DNA Samples Inside Her

Raped 8-Yr-Old Girl Had 67 DNA: Former Republican congressional candidate Jeff Zink recently recalled how he and a team came upon an 8-year-old illegal alien child who found out to include DNA from 67 people (her father had been slain). Welcome to the Biden border crises’ rape culture. According to Zink, when they came across Border Patrol. They were inform that there were drug cartel members nearby who had murder the spouses of the ladies the agency was currently looking for.

The women and kids were eventually discovered. Zink, who claime to have a “medical background,” say that the 8-year-old girl could not speak or perform any other actions. After an examination, a doctor informed Zink that the 8-year-old child had 67 distinct DNA samples inside her, which made it plain why. This type of child sexual abuse and rape is occurring due to the border issue. And the Biden administration’s actions have make it worse and ignored it. Because Democrats may utilize free borders for political purposes, drug cartels are killing and raping people without being held accountable.

It’s “filled with nothing but abuse, rape,” according to Zink, of the migrant women and girls travelling to America. Because every time they walk and then stop at night, that is what takes place all night long.” According to Zink, the 8-year-old girl was raped “minimum” 67 times. If none of the men did it more than once, that is.

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The Biden administration intentionally places migrant children with se* traffickers. According to an HHS whistleblower who talked to Project Veritas in November. Our government is in fact sponsoring child sex abuse with money from our tax dollars.

From the cartels to the Biden administration, everyone involved in this heinous torture is wholly demonic.


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