Why 97.14% Aspirants Fail in CSS Exams

Why 97.14% Aspirants Fail in CSS Exams

The result of the Central Superior Services 2020 exams destroyed many dreams and washed away many expectations as  2.09% of candidates cleared the examination. It is not new in CSS. Conducted CSS exams in Pakistan – every year, it\’s the same ratio of failure at the end of the day. Hundreds of thousands of aspirants appeared for the exam and failed miserably. There could be a million reasons why the majority of CSS aspirants fail their exams each year. You might think that most of these reasons may have to do with poor preparation or knowledge. Surprisingly, the answer is No. The majority of the candidates fail they\’re [ctt_hbox link=\”bF4L7\” via=\”no\” ]CSS exams not because of what they write, but because of how they write it down.[/ctt_hbox]

1 – Lack Aptitude

Many candidates lack aptitude but go for it. For CSS exams, one has to develop the thirst for knowledge to its heights. There are a few basic reasons due to which many of the students appear in the CSS exam. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Try For the wish of their parents
  2. For following the example of a few relatives who are a CSP officer.
  3. Being over-confident because few of their mates or friends have said that you can\’t qualify CSS
  4. By being impressed for the perks & privileges, a CSP owes in our society

2- Student Poor Time Management for Exams

It is one of the most significant issues for failure in CSS exams in Pakistan. Poor time management before & during the exam brings failure to many students. There are the students who poorly planned their preparation strategy & didn\’t realize their strengths and weaknesses well before time. Many students who score just ordinary marks in the subjects were their strength just for poor time management before exams. They keep on planning for setting aside some time for said subjects, but couldn\’t manage it, so every time they make themselves believe that no issue, we are so good in it; thus, it won\’t create any trouble, but it brings finally. There are many examples where students attempt only three descriptive questions because they went into extra detail without realizing the importance of attempting all 4 questions. So time management is most important for schematic preparation and a well-planned approach for attempting papers.

3 – Weak Nerves

CSS is the test of your nerves as well. One has to be iron nerved during preparation and exams. Students who go for History of Indo-Pak, along with Journalism and Sociology, have the real tough time they have to appear in 10 consecutive papers mean from Saturday to Thursday, and it\’s nerve breaking. Your fingers will stiff, shoulder muscles will swell, & above all, sleeplessness will cause bad stomach & body pains. It\’s only for those having weak nerves while those have trained themselves well before the time go through it smoothly. A report published by FPSC enumerated that the highest ratio of qualifying CSS exams in Pakistan is among Dr and Engineers, and the simple reason is strong nerves and excellent time management that they learn during their course of studies.

4 – Improper Guidelines

Many of the students lack guidance. Thus they fell prey to failure. There are very few competent students available to guide CSS exams in Pakistan. It is hard to find people who have gone through this iron test & knows how this Jennie should be bottled. There are many of the students, while first go to the Academy, don\’t even know how many papers they have to appear? And what should be the selection? With such bad knowledge, they join academies, pay handsome money, and during their three months, only realize that CSS is a hard nut to crack. They proffer unmatched subject selection due to their little knowledge. I have seen many students selecting some subjects due to the following common reasons;

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  1. Many Academy offers few subjects, so they go for them
  2. Many friend/relative/cousin had suggested because one of their friends qualified CSS with the same selection

This kind of carelessness becomes a hurdle in their way. 

5 – Lack of Personal Effort

There are very few students who make a personal effort for preparing CSS exams, & those who make, earn its benefit. Those who rely upon ready-made notes, and written material available in the form of Dogar\’s, Jahangir\’s, and Ilmi\’s books couldn\’t score well because their answer lacks novelty and personal effort. Such material produced by almost 60% of the candidates. Thus, the examiner scores them so low.

Some subjects need an in-depth study like EDS, Current Affairs, and Pak Affairs, so aspirants have to make concerted efforts to grasp the concepts. In Pakistan, Bloom\’s Taxonomy applied in very few fields, and CSS is one among them where you have to complete all six steps before sitting in the CSS exam.

6 – Weak General Expression

It\’s another weakness that is offensive for the CSS examiner. Science students normally have weak expression due to the nature of their academic background. However, they know well how to attempt the paper, & what should be the course of action, how the material has to be related to the topic. When we say the general expression, we mean good command of the English language and its Grammatics. CSS exams in Pakistan most the people think that it\’s rocket science to pass the exams.

7 – Mismanage of Time

When the candidates are sitting for the exams, they sometimes mismanage their time and give extra attention to some portions – leading to little or no time left for the other sections. Most of the student does not know how to manage their time. 

8 – Physically unhealthy

The CSS exams are not just a mental test; it’s also a physical exercise that exhausts you when you have to give 2 exams every day writing 40-50 sheets. Most of the people fail because not sleep properly, and the next day they are physically not fit to attempt both exams.


New update in subject grouping and the ongoing uphill battle of changing the CSS exams requirement to 16-year education. The Central Superior Services exams of Pakistan are turning in a cyclone – along with the maximum age to be extended by two years. It seems candidates are turning blind to the stated causes every year and taking the exams too easily. Here’s to hoping we can provide officers in abundance shortly.


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