Minar-e-Pakistan incident: Recording of Call between Ayesha, Rambo Surfaces

Recording of Call between Ayesha, Rambo Surfaces

The investigation into the Minar-e-Pakistan harassment case has revealed an alleged audio clip that has exposed Ayesha Akram and her boyfriend Rambo\’s extortion plan. This is an important breakthrough in the case. Authorities reportedly obtained an audio recording from the phone of a man nicknamed Rambo by the victim and referred to as a savior, according to reports in local media that quoted DIG Investigations Shariq Jamal.

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After receiving a blackmailing allegation, police in Lahore arrested Rambo and seven others on Friday.

Meanwhile, the pair can hear discussing how they aim to extort everyone they can think of. When asked about the males in the march, the social media celebrity said that she recognized six of them. As a result, she explained to her partner that the suspects could not afford to pay the full amount of 0.5 million because they were from impoverished backgrounds.

After then, her business partner agreed to talk to the suspects\’ families.

In light of the most recent information, DIG Khan has stated that the audio recording is now part of the case.

When police apprehended Rambo after receiving a complaint from Ayesha Akram, the harassment case began to develop. A four-day physical reman has been an issue for his arrest.

He claimed Ayesha was trying to get Rs500,000 from the people implicate. In the complaint and threatened to put him in jail if he stopped her.

Voice Recording

According to the most recent information available, police arrested eight more individuals on Friday, including Rambo, in connection with the case.

In an additional statement, Akram, the victim, said that 13 people, including her partner Amir Sohail alias Rambo, had blackmailed her over a video. After first referring to Rambo as her savior, Akram has been implicated as a suspect in her abduction.

Blackmailed by a 13-member gang

According to reports, a 13-person group had been blackmailing Ayesha Akram for two years over her lewd photos. Ayesha says in her statement that she was kidnapped and carried to Minar-e-Pakistan under duress. One of the gang members was identified by the victim as her partner, Rambo.

The woman claimed that Rambo had extorted Rs1 million from her as well as blackmailed and blackmailed her. Her story went on to say that she gave him half of her income as a birthday present. According to additional information, officers from the Lari Adda investigation stormed the Rawalpindi residence of Tiktoker Badshah, a well-known rap artist. However, the suspect escape from custody before they could be apprehended.

In the aftermath of Minar-e-tragedy, Pakistan\’s gang allegedly harassed and manhandled Akram and tore her clothes. The shocking footage captured not just the mob groping but also shredding the woman\’s clothes and flinging her around in the melee that followed.

When Rambo found out Akram wasn\’t going to the park with him, he blamed it on someone else. He couldn\’t come, because his brother had passed away. So I had to escort her to the park,\” Rambo reportedly said. \”Only I know how I got her out of the park and home.\”

Further doubts about Akram\’s victim status as she keeps revising her remarks and making stunning admissions. A publicity gimmick that backfires and undermines the credibility of legitimate harassment claims is what happened here.


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