Pakistani actress Saba Qamar faces unexpected criticism over smoking video

Pakistani actress Saba Qamar faces unexpected criticism over smoking video

Saba Qamar smoking video: A well-known actress and model in the Pakistani show business are Saba Qamar. She has a lot of social media followers because of her outspoken speaking and acting. The fact that this girl enjoys playing every part actors shy away from is a plus. And perhaps Saba Qamar’s success is assured by her audacious manner.

According to Google, the Pakistani actress Saba Qamar will turn 38 in 2023. She is still stunning, youthful, and in fantastic shape. Saba Qamar is searching for a suitable boy to be her groom and husband despite being 40 years old. Saba Qamar declared her engagement to Azeem Khan in the year 2023. However, she later called off the union for a variety of reasons.

Men, Women Are Equal’, ‘I Don’t Believe In Feminism: Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar smoking video

Everyone was depressed when they learned of the death of Saba Qamar’s younger brother two months later, and Saba Qamar hasn’t appeared on TV since. Nobody is aware of her brother’s exact cause of death. Saba Qamar, however, adored her brother dearly. She also used to nickname her brother Munna with affection. We ask Allah Almighty to give Saba Qamar’s brother a prestigious position in heaven and his family’s patience.

But in today’s piece, we’ll see a video of Saba Qamar that has become popular on social media, in which she’s spotted on the set smoking a cigarette. Saba Qamar has no problem taking part in any photo session and readily fits into any role or photo shoot.


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