Salman Iqbal second wife Sonya Khan shares a memorable picture with Arshad Sharif

Salman Iqbal second wife Sonya Khan shares a memorable picture with Arshad Sharif

Salman Iqbal second wife Sonya Khan: It hurts many people that there is a dispute over who killed Arshad Sharif. However, this situation is still a mystery, and Pakistan is politicizing it due to the charges leveled at one another. Arshad Sharif did not want to leave Pakistan, but he was forced to do so because of his fear and sought safety in other nations.

Arshad Sharif with his wife and kids – Throwback pictures 

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah stated on social media that Arshad Sharif\’s killers may have been two: PTI Chairman Imran Khan and ARY Chairman Salman Iqbal. However, the interior minister has also acknowledged that, although I could be mistake, he mentioned these two guys in one of his studies. But the current administration has established a judicial commission looking into Arshad Sharif\’s murderers. And the public will shortly be show its report.

The second wife of Salman Iqbal, Sonya Khan, and Arshad Sharif appears in an iconic photo together.
Salman Iqbal, the chairman of the ARY group and Karachi Kings, has been marriege twice in his life, which many people are unaware of. Additionally, his two wives have different children from each other and reside in different homes. Today, we\’ll discuss Sonya Khan, Salman Iqbal\’s second wife. She is frequently picture on television and is connect to the entertainment world. And Salman Iqbal adores his second wife, Sonya, with whom he shares a daughter.


However, as we will see in the following piece, Salman Iqbal\’s second wife, Sonya Khan. Upload a photo of Arshad Sharif to Instagram in which Arshad Sharif is picture standing with ARY Chairman Salman Iqbal. She say in her Instagram post, \”Arshad, you will be sorely miss and surely a tremendous loss for Pakistan.\” Yes, Arshad Sharif has been affiliate with the ARY news channel for the past eight years. He used to work there, and the news channel also aired his program Power Play.


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