Sewing Machine Price in Pakistan 2022 – Best Sewing Machines to Use

Sewing Machine Price in Pakistan 2022 – Best Sewing Machines to Use
Sewing machines play an important role in everyone\’s daily lives. There\’s also the needlework and quilting craze. People enjoy making garments. Aside from manufacturing garments, sewing machines have a variety of additional applications that demonstrate their relevance in our lives. They\’re used both in the home and in the workplace.  In this article we discuses about Sewing Machine Price in Pakistan 2022.

That is why people continually look for information on sewing machine prices in Pakistan in 2022. The greatest sewing machines in Pakistan in 2022 will be discussed here.

Sewing machines are accessible in Pakistan both online and in physical locations. It is a very popular commodity found in practically everyone\’s home. As a result, you\’ll have no trouble finding it in local stores.

Best Sewing Machines in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there are several excellent sewing machines to choose from. Some of them are list below, along with their supporting features.

Singer 8280 Automatic Zig Zag Electronic Sewing Machine


Automatic Singer 8280 The Zig Zag electronic sewing machine is very popular at the industrial level. It has eight stitches pre-installed. The following are some of its specs and features.

  • It has a heavy-duty frame that allows for easy threading.
  • It comes with built-in accessory storage. May also secure the stitches by automatically reversing the button. As a result, the stitching speed improves.
  • To avoid puckering, users can vary the stitch length. As a result, the stitches appear to be sturdy and well-knit.
  • It also has four snaps on presser feet that adapt depending on foot pressure, allowing it to sew a variety of textiles.
  • A four-step automatic buttonhole is included with the Singer automatic sewing machine.
  • For smooth cloth sewing, the thread is given in a horizontal direction.
  • Singer 8280 Electronic Sewing Machine with Automatic Zig Zag

Singer Sewing Machine


In Pakistan, a Singer sewing machine was introduced in 2015. It was a high-quality machine. It is used for smooth stitching on a residential level. Sewing beginners should also use the Singer sewing machine because it is simple to hold and use.

  • A single needle and SS bobbin are included with the Singer sewing machine.
  • Its speed can be increased by using a pedestal motor to change it. It\’s easier to operate if you use a pedestal motor.
  • It has a hardwood base and can be regulated in terms of speed because it is entirely mechanical.
  • All types of textiles are appropriate for the Singer sewing machine.
  • It is simple to use.
  • Sewing Machine by Singer

Brother JA1400 Sewing Machine


The Brother JA1400 sewing machine has a lot of great features. It has the following features:

  • There are fourteen stitches built-in.
  • It is capable of causing a buttonhole. The space between the buttonholes will be four steps.
  • It\’s one-of-a-kind since it comes with an LED stitching light.
  • It also comes with an instructional DVD.
  • The bobbin is load from the top.
  • Sewing Machine Brother JA1400

Handy stitch sewing machine


Pillow covers, handkerchiefs, and aprons are commonly stitched using the handy sewing machine. It can used while traveling, working, or repairing clothing damage and can be done quickly.

The following are some of its primary characteristics and benefits.

  • It is lightweight and portable, with high-strength metal gear.
  • The convenient stitch sewing machine includes three micro thread spools, one needle threader, and two additional needles.
  • It works on a variety of fabrics. Keeps the fabrics in place while you stitch, making your job easier.
  • It is simple to sew wall-hanging curtains through it.
  • It\’s simple to use. If suitable rules are provided, even a 12-year-old youngster can use them safely. He can sew miniature garments or toys with it. This will keep them occupied and help them create a working habit.
  • Sewing machine with a handy stitch

TAJ sewing machine


The following are the main characteristics of the TAJ sewing machine:

  • It has a unique body shape that includes a straight arm.
  • Both straight and reverse stitching are supported. It can sew at a maximum speed of 2000 to 3000 stitches per minute.
  • An auto trip bobbin winder function button is available.
  • Green and golden transfer colors are some of the colors available.
  • Sewing machine TAJ

Sewing Machine Price in Pakistan

The following is a list of sewing machine prices in Pakistan for the year 2022.

Sewing MachinesPrice in Pakistan
Brother JA1400 sewing machinePKR. 45999/-
Handy stitch sewing machine – whitePKR. 699/-
Singer sewing machinePKR. 15,500/-
Singer 8280 automatic Zig Zag electronic sewing machinePKR. 18,500/-
Jbsaeedstudio decorative sewing machinePKR. 7,150/-


You can learn more about the top sewing machines and their prices in Pakistan by visiting this page. Customers can get the one that meets their demands and specifications.

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