5 Strange Turkish Foods You Just Have To Try

5 Strange Turkish Foods You Just Have To Try

Turkish foods are very well balanced. Food groups are in fantastic, healthy proportion and Turkish kitchens are the cleanest in the world.

Turkey is one of those countries that allow tourism to open during the COVID rigged world. So, everyone who can be opting to fly to Turkey. When we go to any city for traveling most important thing task their special dishes. If you are in Turkey or want to visit in the future you must try their special food.

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If you live in South Asia, you can\’t like or accept this type of food. You may not like a few Turkish dishes. So we will give you a list of Turkish foods, and you can decide for yourself if you want to taste them or vomit on them.

1 – Cig Kofte

The Cig Kofte is meatballs, raw meat. This dish cook low on fire, we know Turkey is a cold country whatever the reasoning, imagine chewing on a piece of meat that has a remainder of blood consumed in it, and you can even smell it. This one of the weirdest Turkish foods That You ‘might’ want to try or maybe not.

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2 – Tavuk Gogsu

It is easier to describe than to pronounce. It is kheer. You are familiar with kheer, aren’t you? Rice or some other element is cooked in milk and sugar. Well, with this dish, that ‘some other element’ is chicken. It is cooked and cooked to such an extent that it gets shredded. Turkish people promise that it may sound gross to you, but it is delicious.

At first, finding “Tavuk Gogsu” (which translates as ‘chicken breast’) on the dessert menu can seem weird, but this Turkish milk dessert can quickly become your favourite! You can hardly taste the chicken

3 – Kokorec

If you have seen the entire process of sacrificing a goat during Eid-ul-Azha, you would have come across a strange scene. Things like spaghetti, very large spaghetti coming out of the goat. Those are the intestines. Kokorec is made of those intestines. They wrap it up, cook it. And once it’s cooked, they shred it and put it in a bun or bread.

Maybe you could eat döner kebap every day but can’t stand kokoreç. Or maybe you love kokoreç but can’t eat. There are many flavours to be tried in Turkish Foods, some you may love, some you may hate.

4 – Cilbir

You eat only egg yogurt in the morning, but no one eats egg and yogurt together but in Turkish foods, one of the weirdest dishes Cilbir. It\’s weird to eat a poached egg with yogurt.

5 – Iskembe Corbasi

It is Tripe soup. Tripe is stomach lining, and they make a soup out of it. Just make sure that you are very conscious of that when you order ‘iskembe corbasi’ at a Turkish foods restaurant.

For me, Cig Kofte showed the weirdest.  Who even eats raw meat. They must have stable teeth there. It would like to stick with a safe choice such as Pizza and reserve all sense of enterprise for sightseeing if these are the choices available.

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