Stupid Things You Can Relate To If You\’re Not A Stick Thin Pakistani Girl

Stupid Things You Can Relate To If You\'re Not A Stick Thin Pakistani Girl

Sadly we live in a society where no one satisfied with your personality. People want a topic to discuss other specially on family function. Stupid Things, If you\’re not stick-thin like Nargis Fakhri or your abs aren\’t as hard as Katrina Kafi, you sure as hell know how hard life and zamanay ke taanay have been on you and your muffin top. It\’s my story; yes, I was 75 kg, and I was a hot topic for family.  Then after a few years ago, I share my before and after weight lose pictures to my family.

Here are some family gandy question I had answer to my family

1 – Shaadi kaise hogi’ comments

Marriage is not our final destination in life. Please take your sympathies for all the overweight girls you think will never get married and shove them somewhere no one can see them. If your son is incapable of looking beyond his future partner\’s physicality, he is too shallow and immature to have a partner at all. Period. Like seriously when family sad rista kesa ho ga OMG. Stupid thing, No one motivates you on your success; they only discuss your body fat. I still remember when I pass my matric and go village to spend some time. Then I am the only hot topic people tell me how to lose weight.

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2 – All eyes on what you’re eating

Wow..she eats so much’ or ‘Wow…she barely eats, phir bhee itni moti hai?’ 

Everyone, including your family, continuously observes what she is eating the whole day. When I was 12 years old, I love to eat potatoes and magi. After 2 years, I realize I was overweight. 

Stupid Things People tell You how much you eat in day and how many cailaries I consume in a day. 

3 – Slim Friends Who Call Themselves Fat

The most interesting and funny thing in my life. I always had a group of 5 friends in school, college, and university. All my friends were slim except me. My friends give me some funny names. sorry I can,t reveal those names.
Suppose you don’t look overweight. You may be out of shape or unhappy with how you’re currently looking. You are not ‘fat.’ Calling yourself fat in front of girls who have weight issues makes you inconsiderate, ignorant, & mean. God, stop feeding off the struggles of your friends. My advice you be confident and don\’t do stupid things to lose weight.

4 – Judgement On Choice Of Clothes

Whether it’s wanting to join the lehnga bandwagon and showing a little bit of stomach on your best friend’s mehndi.  I was so much confused about dressing. I was only wearing Shalwar and Kameez because of overweight if I chose something else, everyone, please no.

5 – Snarky Jokes From Family

As if the judgment from outsiders and friends wasn’t enough. Sometimes family, too, leaves no stone unturned when it comes to making us feel bad about being overweight. Some stupid thing happens in the family every one start point out you on weight. Thanks for the concern though, and the lovely haathi jokes. Family points out you and said you look elder than your sister.

Now every one want to know who I lose weight

After I have lose 25 Kg then people still no satisfied. They are still commenting on lose weight. Here is some comment which I receive.

She Has Some Health Issue

When people watch my before and after weight lose pictures. Then the first comment I receive ino koi bemari ho gayi. Omg I still remember when I meet my grandfather, he said in ko koi bemari ho Gayi hahaha.

Tenstion issue

Some people think that I have some tension and lose weight. Actually, when I lose weight, I also lose my hair. That\’s why people said to my mother koi tension hai. Then before and after weight lose pictures see my family then I am still a hot topic.

After lose my hair people have a new hot topic hahaha. But now, I don\’t care about what people think and say about me. My family and friends ask me how to lose weight?


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