Suzuki Bike Prices in Pakistan – 2023

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Make sure to bookmark this page since it will be updated throughout the year when the company changes its prices. This article is about the Suzuki Bike Prices in Pakistan for 2023. You can find the prices for the Suzuki GD 110S, Suzuki GS 150, Suzuki GSX 125, and Suzuki GR 150 in this article.

In contrast to most motorbike manufacturers, Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) is renowned for maintaining steady bike costs in Pakistan. The corporation announces fewer price increases throughout the year, but these increases are typically far larger than those of competing brands. It is important to note that Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) has not announced any price increases since its last rise in November 2022. Below is a table with the most recentprices in Pakistan for 2023 below.

Suzuki Swift 2022 – Prices & Everything You Need To Know

ModelPrice (PKR)
Suzuki GD 110SRs. 244,000
Suzuki GS 150Rs. 266,000
Suzuki GSX 125Rs. 359,000
Suzuki GR 150Rs. 385,000


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