Here Are The Top 10 Tallest Buildings Of Pakistan

Here Are The Top 10 Tallest Buildings Of Pakistan

Today Pakistan is in the progress of developing stage. We have achieved many milestones in moving around the countries in different sectors. Like many countries, Pakistan is also considering a developing country. Although there is little development in other parts of the world, we have grown significantly with time. Skylines show the progress of development in any country. This is why many Pakistani cities have built many high buildings to improve infrastructure. The infrastructure and skyscrapers go simultaneously. Pakistan\’s renowned cities such as Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad have most of the tall structures. Here is the list of the top 10 tallest buildings of Pakistan

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Tallest Buildings of Pakistan

Today\’s towns and cities have become well-known for their enviable futures. There are many towering buildings in almost all of the nation\’s business centers that showcase the nation\’s economic development and represent progress in the motherland. Pakistan, like many other countries, has a large number of high-rise buildings. Whereas Pakistan remains a developing nation-state, its metropolises remain inferior to those of other industrialized nations.

1 – Bahria Icon Tower

The Bahria icon fortifications, with sixty-two floors, remain the tallest buildings of Pakistan located in Karachi. it was finished in the year 2019. For this to realized, it took ten years. There are still shopping malls and residential apartments in the building.

2 – Ocean Tower

The Mall or The Sofitel Hotel Plaza was the previous names of this construction. There\’s a good chance this is Pakistan\’s largest construction project. Thirty floors are require to build it in Karachi, next to Clifton, which has a sea view. This skyscraper took seven years to complete. It was complete in 2014.

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3 – Dolman Tower

In addition to being a business subdivision, Dolmen Barbicans is a development for mutually owner housing. This is also on the list of tallest buildings of Pakistan structures, with 45 floors and 656 peaks. 2019 marked the end of the production of this prospect.

4 – Habib Bank Plaza

Habib Bank Court, built-in 1963, is a beautiful structure with a view of Karachi. On top of that, it was the tallest building in Pakistan for the past four centuries until the MCB Fortification was built on the same road. There is a Habib Bank Court in Pakistan built by the well-known and only advanced bank in Pakistan, Habib Bank Plaza.

 5 – Ufone Islamabad Tower

Located on Islamabad\’s Jinnah Avenue, this telecommunications building is still standing. As usual, commercial workplaces benefit from the Ufone fortification in Islamabad. The construction of this high-rise building was complete in 2010. In addition to its 371 peaks, the Ufone fortification has 28 floors. Ufone tower consider as tallest buildings of Pakistan

6 – Central Point Tower Karachi

In Karachi, the Midpoint Point fortification is still in place. It stands at the height of 200 meters and 490 feet. Karachi\’s Korangi Street remains the site of this construction. In the beginning, nine floors are using to produce the vehicles, resulting in a total of 27 floors.

7 – Bahria Opal Tower Karachi

In addition to its location on Tariq Road in Karachi, this attractive barbican was well-known in 2012. This building has a height of 100 meters and 27 floors. There are five awards for Bahria Town secretive for being the largest real estate stockholder in Pakistan, and they built this skyscraper. As the tallest building in the world. It is the tallest buildings of Pakistan.

8 – Arfa Software Technology Tower

Arfa Tower is a beautiful building that is often recognized as an international technology tower. On Ferozpur Street in Lahore, it is located in a building. After six years of construction between 2006 and 2012, this multistory building was completed. According to technical standards, the Arfa tower is still Pakistan\’s largest technology building, particularly in Punjab province.

As a result, the entire height of this remains at 100 meters. This building has 17 floors. The Punjab Statistics Technology Panel has a different mechanism for achieving this goal. Located on Ferozepur Road in Lahore, Pakistan, this beautiful building is a must-see. The skyscraper\’s construction began in 2006 and ended in 2012. As far as IT parks are concerned, it\’s the largest of them all, located in Punjab province. There are 17 floors in this 106-meter-tall Technology Park, which has a total height of 106 meters. A great honor for this building is that the Punjab Information Technology Board owns this park.

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9 – UBL Tower

Karachi is home to the Midpoint Point Fortification. There are three hundred meters and four ninety feet of height on this towering structure. Karachi\’s Korangi Street remains the site of this construction. Three floors are used for parking vehicles in the beginning, out of the 23 floors. UBL Tower is the tallest buildings of Pakistan.

10 – Centaurus

There is a beautiful prospect in Islamabad called Centaurus, which stands at the height of 100 rhythms. Three other multistory structures are connected to a weekly shopping mall by this massive structure. It has three buildings, each of which has 32 floors. The total cost of this project came to a hundred million dollars in cash. Among the possibilities are clothing malls, office buildings, housing flats, and 5-star guesthouses. VM, a British architectural firm, designed this multistory building.

In this massive construction, there are still three multistory buildings that house a weekly shopping mall. For each structure, there are thirty-two levels, in addition to the $300 million price tag. Its construction began in 2005 and was completed in 2011. This multistory building is the Centaurus Shopping Mall, currently Pakistan\’s most popular shopping mall within walking distance. Centaurus Corporate Tower, Centaurus Residential Tower 1, and Centaurus Residential Tower 2 are the names of the three-story building. Besides the weekly shopping malls, there are offices, residential flats, and even a five-star guesthouse in the area. It is one of the tallest buildings of Pakistan.


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