Tezgam Becomes Mujra Express on 14th August 2022

Tezgam Becomes Mujra Express on 14th August 2022

On Pakistan\’s Independence Day (August 14, 2022), the recently privatized Tezgam Express, which had engaging in undesirable activities, including dancing and mujra, changed its name to Mujra Express.
The Tezgam Express workers enjoy themselves in the viral video as they watch girls perform dance and mujra as part of the celebration of Independence Day (August 14, 2022).

The videos above have gained popularity on social media and drawn. Criticism from the general public due to their obscene content.

Take a look at the train dance viral videos below:

However, Sir Syed Khan Express\’s viral videos have also appeared online and revealed. The same kind of illegal behaviors among the management. So, Tezgam Express wasn\’t the only one to turn itself into Mujra Express on August 14, 2022, on the occasion of Independence Day.


Railways in Pakistan Pay Attention

The private business M/S NCS Pvt Limited, which manages Tezgam Express (7UP/8DN), has received. A show cause notice from Pakistan Railways\’ Chief Marketing Manager in response to these instances. According to the relevant provisions of the agreement with Pakistan Railways and the country\’s current law. Such objectionable action is highly condemnable and cognizable.

The Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) Section 294 states that anyone who, to the annoyance of others, – (a) performs any obscene act in any public place or (b) sings, recites, or utters an obscene song, ballad, or words in or near any public place, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three months. The notice claims that the viral videos and inappropriate activities, including dance and muja

The management of Tezgam Express has contacte by Pakistan Railways, and they have seven days. To respond and explain why M/S NCS Pvt Limited should not subjecte to legal action.

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