Tuba Anwar and Mathira virtual spat gets serious

Tuba Anwar and Mathira's virtual spat gets serious

The online spotlight focused on the virtual altercation between up-and-coming Pakistani actress Syeda Tuba Anwar and model and talk show host Mathira. Recently Tuba Anwar and Mathira virtual spat

Which lady\’s position is more forceful and factual on moral grounds has divided internet users\’ viewpoints.

Tuba Anwar and Mathira virtual spat

After Anwar\’s BBC Urdu interview, in which she said she could relate to Noor Mukaddam, who was brutally murdered by her boyfriend since she too had a difficult moment in her life, the two ladies got into a fight.

The brief interview tape quickly gained popularity, leaving netizens torn over whether Anwar demonized her late spouse, Aamir Liaquat, or whether she experienced ups and downs during their marriage. Anwar\’s divisive comments infuriated Mathira, who criticized the Bichoo actress for damaging her ex-husband\’s name.





Mathira harshly reprimanded Anwar for drawing comparisons between herself and Noor Mukaddam, whose murder sparked global anger and attracted media attention.

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Mathira continued to educate Anwar, telling him to keep in mind that it was Aamir Liaquat who helped her career take off. According to her, the actress from Bisaat needs to learn to respect and forgive the deceased.

Anwar criticized Mathira for making erroneous assumptions on Instagram in reaction to the Jhootha singer\’s comments. Sheadvised Mathira to read the entire interview and to exercise caution while interfering in the private affairs of others.

Anwar has appeared in the television shows Bichoo, Pehchaan, Bharaas, and Bisaat.

The Insta Show with Mathira and Desi Rapper, on the other hand, has been hoste by Mathira.



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