Twitter is Introducing TikTok-Like Vertical Videos

Twitter is Introducing TikTok-Like Vertical Videos

Twitter has revealed that it updates its media viewer to display full-screen videos, giving users an immersive experience. The microblogging service is reportedly converting to a vertical video player akin to TikTok Like Vertical Videos that can be opened by simply tapping or clicking on a video in the Twitter app.


The viewer may simply scroll up and down to begin viewing more interesting videos similar to those on TikTok and other social media platforms after the video has begun playing and has transported them to the new immersive vertical video player. The user can, however, simply tap on the back arrow in the top left corner of the app to leave the viewer and return to the original Tweet.

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People using Twitter in English on iOS will be able to access the new immersive vertical video player in the upcoming days, according to Twitter. The social media business hasn\’t specified a release date or schedule for the new feature on Twitter for Android, though.

Additionally, Twitter is introducing an Explore Tab along with its view video carousel, which will make it simple for users to locate additional videos they like in addition to Tweets and Trends of interest. Users of Twitter may easily find some of the most well-liked videos being uploaded on the social media network by going to the Explore Tab.

People who use Twitter in English on iOS and Android in a few specific countries can currently see the video carousel.

These modifications are unmistakably influenced by TikTok, whose short-form films have significantly influenced the most widely used social media platforms. While YouTube introduced shorts to fight TikTok and the expanding desire for short videos, Instagram and Facebook had already produced reels.


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