How to use social media in your career in Pakistan

How to use social media in your career in Pakistan

Do you believe you should be using social media but are unsure how to start? What kind of content should you post, and how frequently? A like or a retweet, which is more effective? Whether you want to grow your network, start a business, or find a new job, here is what you need to know about the most popular social media platforms for professional settings. Most Important how to social media in career? Everyone search about social media jobs karachi.

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Why Use Social Media?

Social media to be primarily use for enjoyment, but not anymore.

Today, social media is an important part of how people communicate in most spheres of life and how work is done in organisations and government. The Department of Homeland Security is gathering social media profiles of prospective immigrants as part of its evaluation process, reflecting how significant social media can be.

You can perform at least four crucial tasks using social media:

  • Deepen your connections with both current and potential audiences.
  • Bring traffic to your work and attention to it.
  • Create, hone, and improve your brand.

There are increasing examples of people getting in trouble for their social networking practices as social media has grown in popularity (an estimated 24% percent of Pakistani have a social media account). The truth is that you cannot distinguish between personal and professional social media usage, and anything you post online may and will be used against you. You can take steps to protect your privacy and limit who sees certain stuff, but it\’s up to you to exercise caution. Therefore, it is best if you can take your social media activity seriously.

Social media is constantly evolving. Therefore it\’s crucial to follow this development and continue looking for methods to make the best use of the resources at your disposal. (For instance, Snapchat and Twitter just announced significant modifications detailed below.)

If you don\’t work for yourself, be mindful of your employer\’s social media usage policies since more businesses are implementing or updating them.


Businesses and individuals shouldn\’t overlook this serious, professional social networking.

LinkedIn\’s most well-known professional network has 500 million users and isn\’t utilised to its full potential. When I ask, \”Who\’s on LinkedIn?\” in my social media classes, practically everyone raises their hands. Most hands drop when I ask, \”Who knows what they are doing on LinkedIn?\”

Most individuals take it for granted and then start using it in a panic when they have to shift professions. At that time, it\’s frequently too late. Learning to use it when you don\’t need it is preferable. LinkedIn functions best when used for career management rather than just social media jobs karachi.

Expanding Your Network and Influence

Finding and interacting with relevant experts in your sector on LinkedIn is only one of the many ways you can grow your network. The key is finding, approaching, and establishing connections with people you already know, want to know, and should know. Additionally, you ought to consistently publish your material showcasing your knowledge.

How to provide and receive recommendations for people you\’ve previously worked with using the recommendation function. Only recommend someone whose work you are willing to stand behind. Employers reportedly take LinkedIn recommendations almost as seriously as those obtained through more conventional channels. Therefore, you should find a polite approach to decline a request for a recommendation if anything causes you to hesitate.

Building and Expanding a Business

LinkedIn offers a range of ways to use it for businesses, from recruiting to producing sales leads, depending on your line of work. You should determine whether LinkedIn\’s advertising options make sense for you, just like other sites.

Create a company page on LinkedIn and develop an online community around it to attract followers from current and potential customers. Visit LinkedIn\’s official guide to learn more about using the site for business.

Job Hunting

The most crucial function of LinkedIn for people is job searching, and you can use the network to keep tabs on particular businesses, individuals, and job openings. Spend some time getting familiar with the search tools that enable you to go deeper into networks of people, businesses, and job ads. Best social media jobs karachi

Take the time to expand your network since numbers count while looking for a new job. But make sure to go about it wisely: It\’s not a smart idea to send invitations to random people in the hopes of interacting with them or the people they know. Instead, look for genuine relationships you already have with people (like your alma mater) and get in touch with a personal invitation to connect.

Keep in Mind

The free version of LinkedIn works well, but you might want to try the premium one. It is available at $29.99 a month at various price points. That\’s a lot of money, but if you\’re looking for work, it\’s well worth it for the features that let you email strangers through the website and interact with recruiters in novel ways.


Even though the character limit has changed, Twitter\’s core values remain quick relationships and idea exchange.

With 328 million users, Twitter has modified the 140-character restriction, one of its most well-known and infamous features. The 280-character limit has been doubled to give you more room to express yourself. But remember that being succinct will still make you stand out; you don\’t have to use all 280 characters in each post. You may also strategically use photographs and videos.

Twitter can be a more conversational medium than other ones, but be sure you know the difference between your retweets, replies, and direct messages (direct messages). Retweets (RTs) allow you to share other people\’s posts and, optionally, leave comments. By selecting \”quote tweet,\” you can add a comment to someone else\’s post; if you simply hit \”retweet,\” the message is forwarded to your followers without input. To help folks understand why you are posting anything, quote Twitter whenever you can. Also Check social media jobs karachi.

While direct messages allow you to communicate directly with someone, replies are a public means for responding to other people\’s postings and continuing a conversation that other users can view. You must follow someone to be able to DM them unless they have chosen to enable anyone. To facilitate more concentrated conversations among a bigger group, employ group DMs. Although Twitter allows you to have a private account (referred to as \”protected\” in their terminology), having an open account makes more sense if you use it for business.

  • Increasing Your Influence and Network
  • Due to Twitter\’s immediate nature, you can:
  • Keep up with advancements in your areas of interest in real-time.
  • Share, respond, and participate in a global dialogue beyond your close friends.

Using Twitter\’s live video service, you can share videos and engage with those who are broadcasting videos important to you. Another way to interact with users and broaden your network is through Twitter Polls, which let you give users up to four options and display the results in real-time. Businesses frequently survey particular items to determine how current and potential customers feel about them.

Expanding Your Network and Influence

When you use hashtags properly, smart, timely posts can help you increase the visibility of your business. Participating in trending hashtags that apply to you is effective. The same goes for sporadically employing hashtags about your goods or services. The secret is to keep your hashtags concise, distinct, and original to prevent another brand from appropriating them.

With the use of Twitter\’s ad platform, you can reach out to certain audiences and educate them about your company, giving them the chance to follow you and interact with you. View its official guide to learn how it can help your internet marketing initiatives.

Job Hunting

Although everyone is fascinated with having more followers, who you follow matters more when looking for a job. Create industry- and topic-specific influencer lists (these lists can be public or private) so you can see what they are interested in and what they are thinking about and gain ideas on how to engage with them. You can join in the conversation and demonstrate how pertinent and helpful you can be when someone in your sector asks a question or needs help. There are many examples of Twitter interactions leading to in-person encounters.

Keep in Mind

You can stand out and make a positive impression by adhering to proper language, spelling, and punctuation norms. A concise bio that describes who you are and a current, recognised headshot are both beneficial.


Facebook, which has the most users, is a popular global phenomenon that businesses and your cousins love.

Fb is the most significant and important social network, with more than two billion users globally. It\’s a fantastic method to stay in touch with loved ones, friends, and friends of friends. For most people, it still primarily serves as a personal network but also has business and professional applications. Recent news headlines regarding the 2016 election have shown us how important the platform was in disseminating accurate and false information.

A helpful tool is Fb Live, which lets you broadcast directly to the entire world. Businesses, in addition to journalists, have begun using Live to host events like staff Q&As and offer behind-the-scenes content.

Like most sites, Fb gives privacy options for your material so you can control who sees what. Settings let you choose whether certain content is visible to everyone online, simply your friends or specially created groups (coworkers, for instance, family or high school teammates). Most individuals are unaware of these settings and are occasionally shocked by things like who saw photographs that weren\’t intended for their eyes.

  • Increasing Your Influence and Network
  • You can use Facebook to:
  • Make connections with leaders in your industry.
  • Share articles and other materials that demonstrate your interests in the world.
  • Influence how others perceive you.

Of course, posting something doesn\’t guarantee that everyone will see it. Fb algorithm decides which material is displayed to specific users and is based on your preferences in addition to a constantly changing set of variables. These can include determining how pertinent the information is to your audience, making assumptions about whether or not people will comment or share it, and comparing it to other available content to be shown at a specific moment.

Building and Expanding a Business

Making a business page allows you to connect with people interested in learning more about your work and your personal profile. You may communicate updates, progress reports, and ideas with a variety of people who might not frequently visit your website.

Facebook\’s powerful ad features enable you to target potential consumers and clients based on particular criteria. With careful use of Fb Live, you can take your audience behind the scenes of your company. Your digital marketing strategies require that you understand how advertising operates. You\’ll feel pressured to pay to enhance your postings given how challenging it is to spread your material to everyone.

Connecting with a community that interacts with your material is key to a company\’s success. many company search social media jobs karachi. Similar to the offline world, people want to interact with you on Fb if your concept, product, or service appeals to them. 

How To Promote Your Business On Social Media

Job Hunting

Follow businesses on FB to learn about vacancies and possibilities and keep up with firms you\’re interested in. Make use of your network to find client or employee leads. If your friends and relatives know what you\’re looking for, they may be able to help.

Keep in Mind

Legacy Contact is a peculiar function that Fb offers. It enables you to name someone to manage your account after your death without providing access while you are still alive.


Use of Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram is becoming increasingly an online marketplace for goods and services.

With 800 million users and a focus on images, videos, and captions, Instagram is becoming increasingly popular among businesses. Instagram should be a part of your professional toolkit if you and your job are visually oriented. Any business that caters to consumers, such as those in travel, beauty, and other industries, may succeed on Instagram. Still, we also see more established B2B businesses, like General Electric and IBM, use the platform.

Expanding Your Network and Influence

Instagram\’s devoted audience loves great images, and you may leverage your material to grow an audience there.

Finding the right mix that works for you requires patience and trial. Spend time, for instance, searching through trending hashtags to determine whether your post fits them so that more people will come across you. The @ symbol can also use to identify additional related accounts. More advice can be found in this fantastic manual from VXI Digital.

Building and Expanding a Business

There are ways to use Instagram in a professional setting, such as using features like Instagram Stories, which let you tell a story using various photographs and videos. These stories run for 24 hours. Thus consideration of the time frame should be made while deciding whether to make them. Most of the time, it is best to produce graphics and visuals that can be used across several platforms and have a longer shelf life. People find  social media jobs karachi.

Additionally, you should look into Instagram\’s advertising options and determine how well they complement your overall plan. Be sure to investigate Instagram because it\’s all about igniting interest in what you do among current and potential customers. View its official guide to discover more about its commercial potential.

Job Hunting

Instagram job searching is similar to other platforms because it involves listening to and communicating with relevant businesses and people. Instagram may use to understand more about specific businesses and their cultures and discover what affects decision-makers in various industries.

Keep in Mind

What you see on Instagram is often extensively create with professional assistance. Therefore it\’s unlikely that working alone; you could achieve their scale and success.



A lot of modifications are being made to this popular social network.

Due to Instagram copying some of its biggest concepts and announcing a significant revamp, Snapchat, which once had the most users among the networks with 250 million, has lost some of its lustrous.

Snapchat might be appropriate for you, depending on your sector and the target audience (particularly millennials and younger). If not, you might want to wait and see how the \”Insta vs. Snap\” conflict develops.

Many tools and advice that Snapchat provides for businesses are based on paid advertisements. In addition to promoting how various businesses have used the platform, Snapchat also offers an official business manual. In end, these are the best platform where you find jobs, also social media jobs karachi.


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