Uzma Home Wrecker’ becomes Twitter’s new top-trend

Waqar zaka

Waqar Zaka, in a video statement made on 1st June, raised important questions regarding. The incident that happened in the last week of May, where the wife of Usman Malik assaulted uzma Khan. “The incident happened on Chand Raat, a day before Eid, however, the video got leaked three days after the conflict happened,” he continued, “Why Uzma Khan did not report the incident immediately? Why she kept quiet for three days?

“Even if a sex-worker is abused the way the actress was assaulted, she also reports or lodges a complaint in the police station, but surprisingly Uzma Khan remained silent,” he continued. 

According To Waqar Zaka

According to Waqar Zaka, it was a case related to money, a pressure on the Riaz family so they can raise the bid to cool down the situation plotted against them. 

He, moreover, turned down the allegations against the business tycoon Malik Riaz’s family that her daughters fled away from Pakistan. “First of all, the airspace is closed, how can they fly? Moreover, in such short notice. How anyone books a charter plane and asks permission to land in another country.” Zaka turned down the rumor baseless. 

He also claimed that the fact that Khan possesses branded and luxurious accessories works in only three movies in which two of them had her in a minor role. “How an actress in such a short time and with such few projects can have all the leisure that Khan has it. 

At the end of the video, Zaka praised the act of Amina Malik, the wife of Usman Malik, for taking action against the illicit act immediately, “What’s wrong is wrong. This is Pakistan, not India, consent with marriage here is both cultural and religious wise wrong and unacceptable,” he concluded.

Uzma khan and the Mafia have badly exposed by ZakaWaqar. According to Waqar \”Now If we will support Uzma khan, it\’s mean we are spreading garbage in Our Society.\”

This video is shocking on so many levels. I don\’t know where to start.
I had no idea Pakistan is so degenerated socially. For me it is shocking and beyond comprehension.

Everyone is saying that uzma is poor and there is no right for the poor in our country etc etc….. But literally there is no poor I have seen with Branded cars watches dresses. This is not a case of poor and rich. This is the case of halal and haram

After Zaka’s video, people on Twitter set a new trend mentioned previously as ‘Uzma Homewrecker.’

Not Pakistan but only a certain rich class that hires prostitutes like Uzma Khan for their own pleasure. The entertainment industry, the media industry, etc. are all filth sadly.

We need another Zia ul Haq type man to wipe this filth, but oh well, many other things need to be taken seriously first. The aurat march twitter handles were in full support of Uzma Khan, and that tells your everything you need to know about aurat march and Uzma Khan


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