Things A Bride Should Know Before Her Wedding Night

Things A Bride Should Know Before Her Wedding Night

Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding night that\’ll give her a memory to remember No one knows the answer until they experience it. After all the wedding planning, rituals, and getting married to each other, now it’s only two of you celebrating your marriage first night as a couple. The first night of your wedding is something you will remember for the rest of your life. Whether it’s an arranged marriage or love, there are so many things a bride should know before her wedding night.

When the time for your wedding night comes, you will be nervous. Your heart rate will quicken, and your hands will get clammy. Thoughts of how it is all going to work might enter your mind: \”How do we go about this?\” \”What if I don\’t please him,\” or even \”What if he doesn\’t please me?\”

Are you eager to please your future husband but not sure how? Here are some key things that many Muslim women know about their wedding night. If you are already married or are married soon, this makes for a great conversation topic with the bride at your next \’ghar ka khana\’ (at home cooking)!

We pray that you will find these tips helpful. May Allah reward you with a blessed wedding night, insha\’Allah!

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How To Make Your Husband Happy

Prepare yourself mentally

Before the wedding day comes, spend some time thinking about what is going to happen that night. You may have heard friends talking about it or maybe even seen an awkward scene on TV. It\’s natural to feel nervous, but try to focus on the positive aspects. Think about all of the wonderful things Allah has given you in your husband-to-be and how He will bless you with a happy marital life. Some women also find it helpful to share their thoughts about what will happen with someone else, like a close friend or sister.

Keep calm

When millions of emotions bombard your senses, keeping your nerves quiet is the most difficult thing to do. However, if you lose your cool, things will become even more difficult. It can be awkward the first time, but one thing is certain: it will be anything but predictable. The best approach to prepare is to unwind and enjoy the evening.

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Prepare yourself physically

On your wedding night, you will need to remove the clothing from the area that will be intimate. You will most likely be thinking about what it\’s going to be like for a long time before you do anything, so it would be wise if you practised removing your clothes in private beforehand. It can be especially helpful to make sure that you are comfortable removing your wedding outfit since you will be wearing it for at least a few minutes! You may also want to practice using the feminine products that you will need during intimacy. Familiarize yourself with where they can be purchased if you run out of something on your wedding night.

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Exercise foreplay

Speaking of what to do on your wedding night, one of the most important things is to have a sense of anticipation for intimacy before you are intimate. It can be helpful to begin exercising some foreplay techniques before your wedding night so that when the time comes, you are ready! Foreplay is most effective when it is done slowly and patiently.

You can start by kissing your future husband with meaning, meaning that you should remember to close your eyes and think about what you are doing. Try also to engage with him verbally so that he knows how much you are anticipating the wedding night. Some women even like to write little notes for their husbands or slip them in his lunch the day before show how excited they are!

You Won’t know Everything

You\’ll want to err on the side of less \”wow\” on this first night. On the wedding night, most men want to wow their wives, while many brides want the night to be memorable and romantic, scoring a 10 out of 10.
I\’m not trying to be a downer; there\’s nothing wrong with making plans to impress each other. However, when things don\’t go as planned, having unrealistic expectations can lead to major disappointment.
When you wear a learner\’s cap on your wedding night, it makes everything so much easier. Because there is nothing to lose and everything to gain for students. So expect to be a student of your partner for the rest of your married life, not just on your wedding night.

Get ready for intimacy with your clothes ON

Some Muslim couples like to take things very slowly and start with kissing before anything else. However, some brides feel more comfortable getting ready for intimacy by shaving and doing whatever they need to do below the waist beforehand (indeed, many women choose to shave and use deodorant for this very reason). Some even like to put their nightgowns on or make sure that the area is clean and neat so that they will feel more comfortable being intimate.

The Night Is Not Only About Sex

It\’s a common misconception that the marriage first night is all about sex, but this is not the case. You may do a lot more than simply have sex on your first night together, like a chat about the wedding, kiss each other a million times, and hold tightly. Make this a night to remember by making it full of lovely and memorable moments.

You, Will, Learn Every day

Even if you believe you know everything after reading books or watching movies, there will be something you don\’t know until you do it for yourself. Continue to improve and learn from one another.

Communicate With Each Other

You must tell your partner if it hurts you or makes you pleased. Sex is a two-way street; he has to know what you expect from him, and he won\’t know unless you tell him. When you\’re comfortable with the person you\’re having sex with, it\’s amazing on the wedding night.

It Might Not Happen

After all, is said and done, there\’s a slim possibility you won\’t have sex on your first night. By the time the wedding is finished, both of you will be exhausted. Don\’t be disappointed; it\’s extremely usual for couples to not marry on their first night together.

The wedding night is not the end, but the start of your life together

It is not necessary to have a flawless wedding night. In fact, most couples will admit that their wedding night was far from flawless. Nonetheless, they adored it. It was the beginning of their married life, with all the embarrassments and little troubles, and they wouldn\’t trade the experience for anything. There\’s so much to be thankful for, as well as so much to anticipate. So don\’t sacrifice joy and fun in the name of perfection. Enjoy the evening/night/day and remember that it isn\’t everything you have. There will be hundreds of evenings in the future. You now have more time to learn, grow, explore, and improve. So take advantage of this night/day, because you only get one first wedding night!

It\’s okay to feel nervous

There is nothing wrong with feeling a little anxious about what you think will happen on your wedding night. Feeling shy or uncomfortable is normal, especially

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