White Gold Price in Pakistan 2022 – Uses, Carat, and Other Details

White Gold Price in Pakistan 2022 – Uses, Carat, and Other Details

In Pakistan, the price of white gold fluctuates. They rise and fall inexorably. As a result, people in Pakistan may notice a fluctuation in the price of white gold. So, if you\’re looking for information on white gold\’s price, usage, and composition, you\’ve come to the right place.

What is white gold?


The gold used to produce normal jewellery is 22K gold, 100 percent pure gold. The alloying metals are contained in 18K gold.

White gold is a different alloy that can be used to make jewellery. It is made by combining yellow gold with at least one white metal, such as nickel, palladium, or manganese. Its purity is commonly stated in carats, similar to white gold.


Yellow gold and any other white metal make up the white gold composition. In most cases, the white metal is mixed with a tenth of a percent of yellow gold. The following table shows the white gold composition.





White metal (Palladium, manganese, nickel)




White gold comes in a variety of colours. The type of the alloying metal determines the variation. Zinc, nickel, platinum, silver, and gold are the most well-known commercial alloys. The following are some white gold variants.

Palladium and nickel are the most popular white gold alloys. They are regarded as the gold bleachers\’ top two. Zinc and silver are two well-known elements used to alloy yellow gold.

An alloy of nickel and yellow gold, on the other hand, produces a cold and stiff substance, according to certain jewellers\’ reports. As a result, breaking it and working with it is too difficult.

White gold is also made using rhodium. This type isn\’t very popular. Its alloy is made by combining copper with yellow gold. The prepared product is referre to as rhodium plated in this case.


The following are some of the applications for white gold.

White gold is most known for its application in jewellery. Earrings, rings, neckless, and belts are all included.

Pins and rings are made of white gold made from nickel and yellow gold. This is because the resulting alloy is extremely hard and durable.

The alloy made from yellow gold and palladium is frequently flexible and malleable. As a result, it\’s employe to make gemstone settings.

White gold, made from silver, copper, and platinum, gives the jewellery more durability and weight.

The preceding list may not include all of the uses for white gold.


A karat is a unit of measurement for gold. For example, the purity of original yellow gold is assesse in karats in white gold. This approach is the same as that use to determine the purity of yellow gold in gold goods.

If a white gold item, such as a ring or earring, is reporte to be made of 18K gold, for example. Then it signifies that it has a gold content of 75%. As a result, divide 18 carats by 24. The result is 75%, with the other alloying ingredient accounting for 25%.

White Gold VS Yellow Gold

If you can\’t decide between white gold and yellow gold, it\’s best to say that it\’s a matter of personal taste. However, both of them have some outstanding aspects and versus.

White gold jewellery loses its lustre after three years and requires re-plating. On the other hand, white gold gemstone settings are more durable than yellow gold.

White Gold Price in Pakistan

The price of white gold in Pakistan is show in the table below.


Price Per Tola

24K gold

PKR. 110,498/-

22K gold

PKR. 86,841/-


The preceding material covers information about the pricing, content, and types of white gold.

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