Who is Imran Khan’s Dirty Harry?

Who is Imran Khan’s Dirty Harry

After referring to the official he believes is endangering, kidnapping, and torturing his staff and aides as \”Dirty Harry,\” the former prime minister Imran Khan left many people scratching their heads.

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Khan, who in the past targeted the establishment by addressing certain security personnel as Mr X and Mr Y, has now adopted the moniker Dirty Harry.

He reveals that Dirty Harry was most recently assigned to Islamabad as a hint.

He holds Shahabz Gill and Azam Swati\’s misfortunes accountable.

Most of Imran Khan\’s supporters believe that when he references Harry, he is referring to DG ISI.

However, some media think Imran Khan aims for Faisal Naseer, director general of ISI\’s counterintelligence.

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