World Youth Skills Day: IS Youth of Pakistan Change History?

World Youth Skills Day IS Youth of Pakistan Change History
World Youth Skills Day IS Youth of Pakistan Change History

According to a comprehensive National Human Development Report (NHDR), Pakistan is a developing country and currently has the largest youth population ever recorded in its history. In times of crisis, when Pakistan is confronte with severe problems. Such as economic crisis, unemployment, water shortages and lack of political will. Young people will bear the burden of removing the country from the whirlpool. Youth plays a vital role in keeping a nation at the international level. As a country moves on and on in the right direction of prosperity through its contribution. The youth population in Pakistan is larger than other countries.  Youth of Pakistan play vital role in our country.

youth population in pakistan

The young people of Pakistan occupy a vast part of the population, 63 percent of which are between the ages of 15 and 33. On July 15 2014, the United Nations General Assembly declared its commitment to youth in this ever-changing world in celebrating their responsiveness and adaptability.

World Youth Skills Day

On July 15, World Youth Skills Day is marke. This year, Pakistan and worldwide are even more excited about the pandemic and the way young people have responded to the change.

This day will recognize young people who had to cope with various problems, such as changing lifestyles, losing jobs and businesses, learning to adapt and deal with mental health challenges. These changes have not been easy to deal with due to digitization and sudden changes to the labour market. According to the findings, youth employment decreased to 8.7 percent in 2020.

Youth of Pakistan

While most of Pakistan\’s population is young, working with it isn\’t as easy as ABC. Unemployment among Pakistani youth is 8.5%. Pakistan is seeking to develop 1.3 million jobs over five years for Pakistani youth to fill the unemployment gap and the lack of female workers.

Much has done to bridge the gap in younger generation education and skills development. Several provincial bursaries are available in schools, colleges, universities and courses. However, although there are many graduates, their skills are not suitable for places of employment.

There are still many people who do not allow women to study and work in Pakistan. Organizations seek experience mostly, and new graduates are not paid. Transgender is mostly invisible to all sectors, so they must mostly choose dance and sex work or go on the road. Religious minorities are not normally also taken into account. This makes it difficult for Pakistan to offer young people in Pakistan the opportunity to prepare them for the local and global labour market.

For now, Pakistan\’s young people don\’t give much to Pakistan. But they can if the government and organizations work for its development.

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Youth Not Realise Their Responsibilities

The main reason for this dilemma is that our young people have lost national pride and are not even thinking about. This country\’s prosperity because the vast proportion of young people in this country don\’t even want to live. These young people continue to be busy in the discovery of ways to go abroad. These young people spend much of their time in vulgar activities, and their hot topics are songs, films, videos, etc. Such young people are far remove from the teachings of Islam and our society\’s standards and traditions. Considering that young people in this country are always engaged in such vain work. How can we expect this country to produce renowned scientists, engineers, and political leaders? Pakistan will grow if young people realise their responsibilities, And thus work by leaving behind their vain activities and advancing this country.

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