Lookback Best Pop-Culture Moments of 2021

2021 Defining Moments
2021 Defining Moments

Let\’s take a look back at some of the major events of 2021 that surely marked the year! The year 2021 is about to come to a close. With the new year approaching, some individuals are busy formulating resolutions, while others are reminiscing about the previous year. Indeed, it would unjust to enter 2022 without taking a look back at the year that brought us so much. Here are some 2021 Defining Moments videos.

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January: Cannoli’s English crap makes the cut


For one reason, two owners of a restaurant called Cannoli in Islamabad. Received much attention on social media: they spoke English. After two bored women decided to introduce their manager to viewers in a video and broadcast it to the internet. A storm of wrath and condemnation broke on Facebook and Twitter.

Only a few seconds into the video, it\’s clear that the two are ridiculing their jittery boss\’s English. The internet lost its cool due to this \”innocent gup shup.\” What occurred after that? Outside the eatery, netizens held an Urdu mushaira and filled the internet with memes.

February: Dananeer gives the party a Gen-Z makeover 

A five-second video went viral overnight on social media, sparking a flood of parodies. Dananeer Mobeen, a social media influencer with less than 500,000 followers at the time, became an internet celebrity overnight, bringing Pakistan and India together to laugh about her career-defining \”pawri\” moment. Celebrities from both sides of the border joined on the pawri bandwagon, and Dananeer landed multiple entertainment projects due to the insane viral trend. The renaming of a party as \”pawri\” was certainly one of the year\’s highlights, and it continues to dominate the trends.

March: Meghan Markle’s ‘pit siyapa’ hits close to home

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the British royal family’s American daughter-in-law blew the lid on what sounded frighteningly similar to the traditional saas-bahu dynamics pervasive in desi houses. A wave of empathy overtook social media after the interview. From concerns on the skin tone of her pregnant kid to relentless inspection, Meghan’s struggles and tribulations struck a chord with South Asian women who faced horrible in-laws. Isn’t that Kahaani Every Ghar Ki?

April: Aamir Liaquat’s inner naagin rises

Without Aamir Liaquat\’s antics, Ramazan transmissions in Pakistan are incomplete. His Ramazan shows have several titles over the years, but what he puts on display rarely deviates from his controversial stunt choices, which can leave you embarrassed at times. On national television this year, he allowed the serpent to rear its head and take control of him. It\’s no surprise that the video is disturbing to see, but it still manages to spark a meme frenzy on social media. If only the performance featured a snake-charmer.

May: Alizeh Shah’s tank top tanks ‘modest’ expectations

As long as you maintain playing the stereotypical daughter, wife, or daughter-in-law on TV, you won\’t get into problems with the Pakistani public. This was the situation with Alizeh Shah until she appeared in a different avatar than the one she portrayed in dramas. Her vocals go completely overlooked in her debut single Badnaamiyan alongside singer Sahir Ali Bagga. Despite this, her black tank top in the music video creates enough controversy on social media to propel the song to the top of the charts. As she watches the moral cops raid her social media profiles in vain, Alizeh is amused.

June: Moral brigade marches on Hania Aamir


Hania Aamir\’s video with singer Aashir Wajahat has gone viral on Twitter. The sight of Hania sleeping with Aashir and singing along to Hasan Raheem\’s Teri Arzu offends some holy souls. They take it upon themselves, inevitably, to remind Hania of her \”limits\” and how she has disappointed them like no other. As a result of the scandal, the actor has been subjected to online harassment, prompting him to take a hiatus from social media.

July: Hum Style Awards red carpet flares up social media

Strapless gowns, backless tops, thigh-slits, and plunging necklines lit up the red carpet during the 5th HUM Style Awards in Lahore. Everyone had forgotten about the successes and snubs and had instead turned their attention to the \”scantily dressed\” performances. Some people were concerned that they would lose their cultural identity, while others counseled celebrities on how they could have danced better if they hadn\’t worn those high heels.

Hareem Shah also revealed the news of her marriage in July.

August: Sadaf Kanwal declares husbands our culture

Sadaf Kanwal\’s vision of feminism, which she reduced to home tasks and taking care of men, caused social media to implode. Sherry\’s (Shahroz Sabzwari) clothes must be ironed, his shoes must be picked up, and she must know where his belongings are kept. Sadaf was ridiculed for a \”myopic, oppressive, and patriarchal\” view of feminism, and #Sherry became the trending hashtag of the day. However, the viral video sparked vicious personal insults, prompting Shahroz to defend his wife and expose the attackers. Sadaf\’s comments sparked quite a stir on the internet.

September: Nida Yasir’s F1 logic travels faster than Formula cars 

Nida Yasir has proven (once again) that she can host morning shows without doing any homework into the topics she\’ll be covering or the people she\’ll be interviewing. Her talent was on display in a 2016 video that just resurfaced online. Nida welcomed two young Formula scientists, and what happened next might make you uncomfortable. Nida\’s lack of understanding of the subject continued to reveal itself until she made a total fool of herself on live air.

October: ‘Original sin’ on Juggun Kazim’s morning show

On Earth, eating apples had never been so contentious until Juggun Kazim invented a relatively new yet difficult method of doing it. Several apples were hanging from the ceiling on strings on her morning show, and the guys from rival teams were encouraged to eat them, but there was a catch. The ambitious participants\’ hands were bound behind their backs, and the fruit slid backward every time they tried to bite it. That\’s when Juggun decide to make things a little simpler by assigning ladies to assist their male companions. Juggun was slamme on the internet for what some consider to be profanity.

November: Internet hits upon Shadab Khan’s oppoganger

The win of Pakistan against India in the T20 World Cup provided several reasons for people to celebrate. The 12-match losing streak came to an end, and Indian cricket fans received a taste of their own medicine when Star Sports India\’s popular but irritating Mauka Mauka advertisement became a social media \”maukery.\” After fans had recovered from the semi-final defeat, they returned to the competition. They saw something that made them forget about the trophy: Shadab Khan\’s opposite gender doppelganger in the grandstand.

December: Overseas uncle’s auntie stunt backfires

Some Asad Uncle from abroad ruffled feathers on social media by tweeting a video of the music icon. Shazia Manzoor and referring to her as a \”random auntie\” at a wedding. Uncle Asad\’s timeline was triggere by a short video of the singer slipping out of a scarlet Lamborghini in style while giving fans to her legendary vocals. He immediately understood that he shouldn\’t have told Twitter that he didn\’t know Shazia. He apologized but asked enraged admirers to continue criticizing and lecturing him. Uncle Asad then declared that he would atone for his sins by listening to Shazia Manzoor\’s music repeatedly.


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