5 Million Babies Will Be Born In Pakistan Because Of Lockdown: UNICEF

5 Million Babies Will Be Born In Pakistan Because Of Lockdown: UNICEF

An estimated 29 million children will be born in South Asia in the nine months after the Covid-19 outbreak. It was classified as a coronavirus by the World Health Organisation. At the same time, 5 million births will be reported in Pakistan, according to a report released by the (Unicef). Pakistan is expected to witness the birth of 5 million babies in nine months. Since the Coronavirus was declared a pandemic on March 11, according to a report published by United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF on Saturday. Internationally, an estimated 116 million babies will be born under the shadow of the Coronavirus pandemic. And almost a quarter of the—approximately 29 million—will be born in South Asia, UNICEF said.

According to the agency’s estimates, India will take the lead with 20.1 million pregnancies. And new births after the flow of the novel coronavirus outbreak in the country.


India Leads with Most Expected Births Amid Virus Lockdown

According to the report, India leads with 20 million births, highest in the Asia region. During this lockdown period, the report said Pakistan (5 Million) Bangladesh (2.4 Million ) and Afghanistan (one. Million)

People took to Twitter to talk about the UNICEF report on coronavirus and even joke about it.


Fasla rakhein warna Faisal hojayega’ taken too seriously


UNICEF Recommendation for Pregnant Woman

UNICEF warned that although evidence recommends that pregnant mothers are not more affected by Coronavirus than others. Countries need to assure they still have a path to antenatal, delivery and postnatal services. Similarly, sick newborns need emergency services as they are at high risk of death. New babies require support to start mother feeding and to get medicines, vaccines, and nutrition to keep their babies healthy.

Whether the virus is transmitte from a mother to her babies during pregnancy and delivery. UNICEF recommended all pregnant women to follow anticipations to protect themselves from exposure to the virus. Closely observe themselves for symptoms of coronavirus and seek advice from the nearest. Designated facility if they have concerns or experience symptoms.

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Pregnant women should also take the same precautions to avoid COVID infection as other people. Now she should practice physical distancing, avoid physical gatherings, and use online health services, it said. United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said even before the COVID pandemic. A predicted 2.8 million pregnant women & babies died every year, or 1 every 11 seconds, mostly of preventable causes. The agency called for immediate investment in health workers with the right training. Those women who require the right medicines to ensure every mother and newborn are cared for by a safe pair of hands. To prevent and treat complications during pregnancy, delivery, and birth.


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