9 Positive Things Associated With the Pendemic In Pakistan

Positive Things Associated With the Pendemic

Surely, terrible things are happening to people’s health, lives, and the economy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. But in the spirit of gratitude, my family and I brainstormed some of the positive side effects of the several-month-long lockdown. Many of us are bored, miss our daily routines, and frustrated about staying all the time indoors. It is completely normal to feel this way as it is in our nature to go out and socialize with other people. But what we don’t seem to have realized is that there is a plus side to being in a pandemic. There are some positive things that happen in the world.

Fewer Imports Give Rise to Domestic Production

Necessity is the mother of invention, It happened practically in Pakistan during a pandemic when the economics clashed due to pendants and the need for machinery to save people\’s life then they started their production. Ventilators are life-saving machines and necessary machines for corona patients. Pakistan started its production of ventilators

We Are Getting Enough Sleep

When we do not have to drive long distances to get to work or have to get the kids ready for school on time, we can get a little more sleep. Even an extra hour of sleep could mean seven hours instead of six, which makes a big difference. In the evening too, as people don’t have to get home late, getting to bed a little earlier and getting more rest is possible.

Quality Time with Family

While some families are experiencing stress and conflict being sequestered in a small place, many of us are finding staying at home to strengthen family relationships through cooperative activities and shared entertainment. In the advancement of the social media family system almost finished, no one has time for their family. Everyone spends time with their social media community. But after the corona pandemic, positive things happened in the family system because, in lockdown, all spend quality time with families.

Eating Healthy 

Not only are we hugged at home, but most restaurants and delivery services have stopped. Many of us have also become cautious about eating outside food because we don’t want to catch COVID-19. As a result, more of us are eating home-cooked food. Positive Things home cooking usually uses less oil, fresh ingredients, and little to no processed foods, making it a healthier option than eating out. During pandemics, we need a strong immune system.

Fewer Expenses

While many people struggle with job and income loss after the Corona pandemic staying at home means less money spent on transportation/commuting, entertainment, eating out, and the like. Due to low income, people realize their necessities and spend money only on important things that most necessities of life.

Time To Workout

The extra time on our hands and the worry of gaining weight have prompted many people to start working out at home. From yoga and meditation to energetic Zumba sessions, people worldwide are getting creative with their home workouts. Positive Things is also a fun activity because the whole family can join in and stay healthy together.

Rebirth of Spirituality

Corona pandemic affects almost every country in the world. It left great powers helpless to control it. Then people who belong to any relation realize the power of extreme power that is GOD. Through this positive thing happened, and everyone recalls their spiritual feelings and pray for a better world. There is time for meditation, reflection, and quality communications via phone and Facetime with loved ones

Driving Less = Less pollution = Healthy Atmospher

Not only are we saving money on gas (or electricity for my plug-in), but we aren’t polluting as much, and the Pakistan traffic has been lighter and the air cleaner. first time in history the Atmosphere of the capital city Islamabad recorded much healthy and clean

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No Impulse Buying

Well, as long as we stay away from online shopping. Now during this pandemic, online shopping trends start in Pakistan. Before, people had trust issues in online payments. But due to COVID, people begin to trust online shopping. To control the speed of the disease government close all the markets, then people have only a single option that is but online that boosts the e-commerce market in Pakistan.

It might not seem like it at first, but the COVID lockdown can have many benefits. The positive impact on our health and well-being is a good reason why everyone should take this time and make the most of it.


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