9 Things You Should Never, Ever Search On Google

9 Things You Should Never, Ever Search On Google

Google has become our one-stop target for getting quick access to all our questions, no matter how ordinary or important them may be. In most cases, Google is a very useful tool; however, some bad warning actors can exploit these searches, which could put you in harm’s way. Here is a look at the 9 most important things you should never google.

Your Name


It\’s impossible to maintain your privacy in the era of the internet if you google your name, which may show your bad image, past information or content that you could not delete.

Something that embarrasses you


Because People do a lot of search particular thinks on Google that may contain content that embarrasses you in front of others.  Other than that, you would not want to see ads or other stuff suddenly appear on your computer screen that occurs as a result of your embarrassing searches in the past.

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If you have to search for insects, use specific search keyword; otherwise, images results will appear that can cause a spinal tingling sensation. While mental health can also be affected by these images, videos, and information, avoid this type of search altogether and remember the things you should never google.

Favoraite Food


This is one of the things you should never google. If you are looking at the yummy pictures, It will make you hungry. Some people have this habit of Google their favorite food, followed by the word’ If you do this, you’ll likely come across at least one search result that links your favorite food.

Symptoms Of you Disease


The first is that when it comes to medical issues, many websites have the best content available, but searching the internet for symptoms of your Disease can be traumatic. If you have a medical problem, this type of things you should never google

Skin Condition


Skin problem type of things you should never google. Doing so will show you more information and images that will shake you up. Usually, the rash can heal on its own in a few days, however, if there is still a problem, discuss a doctor.

Lungs of smokers


Most of us are addicted to smoking and often think about the harmful effects of this habit. The internet is full of pictures of diseased lungs of smokers, which you may bother too much. Lungs of smokers type things you should never google



It can be serious, such as searching on Google for how a weapon is made, etc., even if it is done for entertainment, but security agencies in different countries always track such searches. And your IP address can go to their database—weapons type of things you should never google.

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