Hajj Sermon (Khutba) Will Be Translated Into 14 Languages, Including Urdu

Hajj Sermon (Khutba) Will Be Translated Into 14 Languages, Including Urdu

The live translation of the Arafat Day speech is an extensive undertaking for the entire world. But especially for pilgrims visiting the holy places. Allowing them to hear it in their own language instead of Arabic. The Prophet Muhammad made his proclamation regarding human rights, Islamic teachings, women\’s rights, and obedience to the Sunnah at the same site. The Arafat Day Hajj Sermon, one of the most significant occasions on the Islamic calendar, is now being translated live into 14 languages as Saudi Arabia\’s government aims to reach as many people as possible with a message of moderation and tolerance.

The leadership of the Kingdom is providing limitless support to the growth of the Prophet\’s Mosque and Grand Mosque services. According to Abdulrahman Al-Sudais, president of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques.

He said that the project has grown to include 14 languages as the live translation of the Arafat sermon approaches its fifth year.

According to him, the translation helped one million individuals in its first year, eleven million in its second, fifty million in its third, and one hundred million in its fourth. It will eventually reach 200 million people worldwide in 2022.

Later, the leadership accepted the English, French, Malay, Urdu, Persian, Russian, Chinese, Bengali, Turkish, and Hausa translations. This year, Spanish, Indian, Swahili, and Tamil were also add to the list.

Al-Sudais stated that Saudi Arabia would always take delight in executing this task effectively. King Salman emphasized the significance of looking for pilgrims. The Kingdom will also secure the safety of pilgrims, enabling them to carry out rites with comfort and ease. He said, with this year\’s Hajj season being the biggest since the coronavirus pandemic.

The Prophet confirmed the abolition of racism and sectarianism along with human rights and Islam\’s principles.

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