Why Video Games May Be Good For You

Why Video Games May Be Good For You

Here are few advantages of video games for Your Child

Playing video games improves your cognitive abilities. When you play a game of a different genre, you learn to adjust to a new environment. And solve problems and riddles. There are numerous advantages of video games. Although it may appear unusual to you, I can assure you that there are true benefits!

Video Games 

But, as with anything else in life, video games have both positive and negative sides to consider. Did you know that according to research, 81 percent of parents are terrified of the detrimental effects of technology on their children? Unfortunately, these worries frequently prevent us, as adults, from objectively considering the true advantages of video games instead of leading us to focus on the bad sides of technology.

The following are the primary concerns that have surfaced:

  • Fear that the child will become addicted to monitors and the internet and will unable to disconnect.
  • Fear of being expose to inappropriate content, such as pornography and paedophilia.
  • They are concern that the child may lose his sense of reality. And cannot discern between the actual and virtual worlds.
  • Fear of losing interest in other, healthier activities like playing with other kids or going outside.
  • Fear of becoming ill and the possibility that his technologies are harming his health, brain, creativity, and imagination.

The remarkable element is that 30 percent of youngsters as young as 3-4 years old go online despite their anxieties. In addition, 87 percent of children between the ages of 5 and 7 use the internet! And, as you may have notice, they are immediately drawn to the screens.

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Advantages and disadvantages of video games:

There are two key reasons why we overlook the advantages of video games

 and technology.

We grew up with paper books, ink cans, and occasionally big and hefty encyclopaedias: it\’s clear that keeping up with all of the technical advances of recent years has taken a significant amount of effort. For example, the term \”internet\” did not exist until 1982. Facebook and YouTube were both found in 2004 and 2005, respectively.

Your brain is less adaptable than that of your youngster

  • Children adapt quickly to changes and super-fast technology, and they can follow numerous activities at once, whereas we are sloths who rarely do more than one thing at a time.
  • Fear will not assist your child in knowing how to use technology to their benefit while avoiding the social and health hazards and dangers associated with it.
  • Instead, having a line of information regarding the technology\’s advantage and disadvantages would beneficial. You must educate your child in the CONSCIOUS USE of Computers, TV, the Internet, Social Networks, Video Games, Tablets, and Smartphones, just as you must teach them limits, regulations, and healthy practices for life in general.

The following are the primary challenges that parents face today when it comes to managing technology devices:

  • They usually forbid the use of video games and digital gadgets, but your youngster is more likely to engage in the prohibited activities. Especially in the dark. Just as you did when you were a youngster.
  • They are terrified that their children may get addicted to screens, and they have no idea how to prevent or fix this problem.
  • We are concerne about the internet\’s inappropriate content, such as pornography, violence, and paedophilia.
  • They are unsure how to manage their children\’s time spent in front of screens. Generate quarrels and tantrums if they forbid too much. They feel guilty and fear health effects if they contribute more.
  • They are concerne about how much time is spent passively receiving visuals, particularly television, which is far more passive than computers and video games.
  • We don\’t have a way to avoid and prevent alienation, social isolation, and a lack of contact between parents and their children.
  • They are concerned about learning difficulties as well as a loss of interest, inventiveness, and creativity.
  • If they use the tablet or video games, we find it difficult to remove or limit them.
  • They are concerned that their children\’s drive to learn through concrete and material books and activities will be lost.

Real Truth

The objective reality that will help you better assess the disadvantages and advantages of video games. The digital world will continue to grow in importance in our lives, and you will forced to interact with it somehow. As an adult, it is your responsibility to recognise the benefits and drawbacks and to act accordingly. Recently GTA 6 Gameplay Leaked Online 

Banning is Not Always Right

You risk not understanding how to take advantages of video games. If you prohibit or categorically reject it, especially for your child who will grow up. And work in an increasingly connected, digital, quick, and interactive environment! In truth, technology has a lot of benefits.

Collaboration over the internet

Children and teenagers frequently use technology to collaborate and cooperate. While we fear their lack of socialisation and interaction, communication is normal. And takes place on the internet and through social media.


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