Alyzeh Gabol Pictures From friend’s birthday Bash

Alyzeh Gabol Pictures From friend’s birthday Bash

Alyzeh Gabol once stepped outside to steal our hearts with her breathtakingly beautiful and spellbinding appearance. Significant controversy has surrounded Alyzeh during the past few months, and it hasn\’t been simple to emerge from them. She received a lot of criticism and was the target of character assassination because of her second marriage.

Alyzeh Gabol friend birthday party


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Her husband is the business mogul Malik Riaz\’s grandson. In defiance of his family, Zoraiz wed Alyzeh. Later, his mother accused her severely and went to any lengths to demonstrate that she was the primary reason their family had broken up. Alyzeh remained silent and, unavoidably, was impacted by all of the circumstances above. In any case, this couple is blessed with a son and is living a lovely life.


Alyzeh Gabol was recently observed at a friend\’s birthday party, and it was wonderful to see her in this alluring pose. She is stunning in her blue gown. People are swooning over this muse because of her subdued and gorgeous appearance. She is a complete diva, and we can\’t help but shout her praises for her beauty and persona.

Her extravagant lifestyle is displayed during her party night with her closest pals. It wouldn\’t be inaccurate to say that Zoraiz Malik has unquestionably made her happy. Her first marriage produced a daughter for her. We are dropping these stunning photos of Alyzeh Gabol right here. Let\’s look at it.

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