Azam Swati Wife Leaked Video Case

Azam Swati Wife Leaked Video Case

The full, unedited Azam Swati viral video case. Currently, this video is accessible on Twitter and WhatsApp. Even though Azam Swati is getting on in years, he made a big deal out of his wife, daughter, and the leaked video during his news conference today.

Parvez Rashid Leaked Video Call Went Viral On Social Media
You know who is he? He is a member of this nation\’s parliament at the moment. You are aware of his scream\’s cause. Because his wife\’s bedroom footage was transmitted to his daughters last night from a supposedly unknown number, some claim that it is a fake. In contrast, others claim that someone simply combined photographs edited in photoshop and called it a video.

Who is Imran Khan’s Dirty Harry? 

Probably the saddest and most terrible day in Pakistan\’s history has occurred today. A day that will always be black. It is beyond tragic what Senator Azam Swati and his family have gone through. How could somebody record a woman who deserves our respect while doing so? We reside in a society where expressing the truth is punishable and talking lies is rewarded with benefits. Lies and dishonesty are key to PTI.

Azam Swati Wife Leaked Video


Imran Khan Niazi of the PTI is spewing untruth after untruth while also attempting to damage the reputation of our armed forces and government agencies. This popular Azam Swati video appears to be connected to Imran Khan\’s ongoing defamation campaign. The dignity of a Muslim is greater than the Kaaba, according to our Prophet. A guy in his 70s is stripped down and subjected to physical and emotional abuse. His wife is the subject of a private video. In a news conference, he is sobbing, but our agencies are laughing. Are we self-sufficient? or even people?

With days passing, it’s crystal clear that people in PTI have nothing to do with morality. Their dogma is only interest-based. What can a layman expect from high-ups when an aged senator & his family are met with such humiliating torture? Why has Imran Khan forced Azam Swati to lie like this just to become Prime Minister again? We’re not safe in our own homes, in our country. May all the persons involved behind this rot in hell always. May you beg for peace in your life every day.
I don’t think so there’s anything left now. We, as a nation, have failed. To be very honest, Pakistan is like a living hell for Civilians and other people due to Imran Niazi. These tears will destroy the oppressors and the righteous along with generations. Swati is an Ex-Minister for Railways, a member of the Senate, Senior VP PTI, an Ex-Minister for Narcotics, an Ex-Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, and an Ex-Minister for Science & Tech. He is also an absconder from the USA.
I’m speechless, I’m sad, I’m angry, I’m shattered due to the conspiracy of Imran Khan.



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