TikTok Star Anmol Noor Leaked Video Goes Viral

TikTok Star Anmol Noor Leaked Video Goes Viral

TikTok star Anmol Noor has a leaked video on social media showing the stage artist being involved in indecent and inappropriate acts with her boyfriend.


The intimate video of a few seconds has taken the internet by storm. With most of the people criticizing the tikkoker over the indecent act.

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The video shows a man snorting a line of cocaine from the chest of Noor. Who can also be seen enjoying the moment.

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The TikTok celebrity has yet to reply to the backlash that has erupted due to the video leak. It\’s unclear whether the boy sniffing the substance from the TikTok\’s chest is her lover or in any way connected to her. It\’s also unclear whether he was actually consuming drugs in the video or was simply simulating drug addicts for fun.


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