Apple Watch Series 8 Price in Pakistan

Apple Watch Series 8 Price in Pakistan

Your favourite Apple digital watch has been upgraded to be more effective and powerful. The cutting-edge Apple Watch Series 8 Price in Pakistan will go on sale on September 7th, the same day it was announced alongside the iPhone 14.

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The watch is your indispensable companion because it is outfitted with cutting-edge technology. Modern temperature sensing features in the watch provides a better understanding of your health. Additionally, it contains a crash-detecting mechanism for when an emergency arises. With the most recent Apple watch series 8, you can better monitor your health, sleeping schedule, and exercise regimen. Read on to learn more about this contemporary digital watch\’s characteristics.

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It is made of a sturdy substance and is seamless and smooth. The watch has a straightforward but beautiful design. This watch is appropriate for both formal and casual settings. The design of it has a big, bright Always-on display. The most recent improvement to Apple goods is the always-on display, also available in the iPhone 14 series. You no longer need to touch the button each time to view the relevant icons and notifications on the watch face. Even when your wrist is down, the screen is still visible.

The purpose of the narrow borders is to direct screen light toward the boundaries. It creates a traditional connection with the watch case\’s curve. It now has additional functions for typing, pressing, and swiping a picture on its large, bright display. Thanks to the always-on display, you are always aware of messages and important information. Several watch faces are detailed, easy to read and have lots of interesting features.

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The watch has a large front crystal and solid design, making it quite durable. The flat base is a feature that prevents the watch from cracking. The watch\’s originality makes it worthwhile to purchase. The watch has three dust resistance IP6X certifications. Additionally, it is water-resistant, so you may use it when swimming or engaging in physical activity.

The watch has WR50 water resistance in addition to being swim-proof. According to ISO 22810:2010, it denotes a 50-meter water resistance. Wear them when engaging in shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean. While wearing the watch, waterskiing, scuba diving, and other high-velocity activities that call for immersion in shallow water are not permitted. Water resistance is a temporary quality, though, and it might diminish over time.


The eighth-generation Apple Watch is designed to closely monitor your health. Keep it under control because it combines cutting-edge sensors that update your health. The functions of each sensor are listed in detail below.

Temperature sensors

The purpose of including temperature sensors in the Apple watch series 8 is to enable women to continuously check their cycles. While sleeping, the temperature sensor measures your body temperature to monitor variations over time. A cycle track that provides an estimated time of the potential ovulation uses this temperature sensing. The function can help a couple plan their family, but as the data is only an estimate, it cannot be used to diagnose any medical conditions. Furthermore, the information cannot be used for contraception.

The watch estimates but offers detailed information about your menstrual cycle by combining cycle tracking, logged cycles, and heart rate. Additionally, adding wrist temperature information can lead to better outcomes. The watch also alerts the owner if the logged cycle differs, leading to irregular or lengthy durations. As a result, the Apple watch series 8 may become your daily companion.

Your watch will save your health and exercise-related data with a passcode, Touch ID, or face ID.

Dream Machine

A sleep app on the watch keeps track of your sleeping patterns. The app shows you how much time you spend in REM and core sleep. Additionally, it shows you when you should wake up. Additionally, the Apple Watch Series 8 now allows you to capture ECG anytime and anywhere. Simply open the ECG app and take a reading; according to Apple, the data appears almost identical to a single-lead electrocardiogram. Nevertheless, people under the age of 22 are not advised to use the app.

Blood Oxygen Measurement

Another fantastic idea is using the Apple Watch 8 to check your blood oxygen saturation. This amazing sensor and app allow you to take background day and night readings while measuring blood oxygen levels whenever you\’d want. The users must remember that this information cannot be used for medical purposes, self-diagnosing any conditions, general wellness, fitness, or consulting with a physician.

Health App

Thanks to the health app on the watch, you can now efficiently maintain your health. It can keep an eye on your vitamins and prescription drugs. Using the medication app, you can track your medications, supplements, and vitamins. However, the software should not be used in place of expert medical judgement. Read the drug labels out loud or speak with your doctor for more details.

Crash Detection Sensor

We never considered the new accident detection sensor as an innovation. The watch can tell if the owner is involved in a serious auto accident. The watch immediately links the wearer with emergency services in the event of a crash and gives dispatchers your position. Additionally, it alerts the emergency contacts automatically. The system is powered by a three-axis gyroscope, g-force accelerometer, microphone, GPS, barometer, and sophisticated algorithms. Additionally, it was created through testing with data from more than a million hours of actual crashes that occurred while driving. Its g-force accelerometer can detect up to 256 Gs of impact.

Fall detection can detect if a person has fallen and is motionless. In such a scenario, it would instantly connect with the emergency numbers. During an exercise, this feature is also optimised.

Emergency SOS

The emergency SOS feature can be activated by holding the side button down while pressing it. The watch will share its location and connect to the local emergency service. This feature needed wifi or cellular data connection on the watch or via the iPhone.

Workout app

You can discover fresh approaches to self-improvement with the fitness app. As a trainer, use the Apple watch series 8. Its upgraded workout software features stunning training views with cutting-edge information, such as the heart zone and tailored intervals that give you extra energy.

The Heart Rate Zone quickly determines your level of exertion. Additionally, the Training zones are automatically computed and customised based on the individual\’s health information. The health information may also be entered manually. You may set the watch to notify you of changes in heart rate, speed, power, and cadence.

Apple Fitness+

The apple fitness plus has raised the bar. The workouts, meditations, and audio-guided walks come in 11 various varieties. You can adjust your training routine to suit your enthusiasm and sense of flair. The watch has many innovative features that allow you to work out whenever you want for 5 to 45 minutes. Additionally, the watch\’s unique data for each workout may keep you informed.

With Apple Pay, you may instantly send money to your loved ones or even make a payment from your wrist. However, not all markets have access to this app. You may look for the nations and territories that accept Apple Pay. Half of the issues can be resolved using Siri. Simply offer orders to make your life convenient despite your busy schedule.

Battery life

The remarkable 18-hour all-day battery life of the Apple Watch Series 8 Price in Pakistan lasts up to 36 hours. Additionally, you can use the lowest power option to run a little bit longer. This function is extremely helpful on long trips or when you don\’t have a charger.

Family setup

Using the family setup tool, you can pair your iPhone with your kids, siblings, or parents. If none of your family members has an iPhone, this feature will come in handy. With this arrangement, you cannot use all the capabilities, though.

The best personal device with numerous features and apps on your wrist is the most recent Apple watch series 8. Choose your style and make as many changes as you like. Updates will make certain functionality available in the future.

Key features

  • 45/41mm swim-proof
  • Always-on retina display
  • Blood oxygen app
  • ECG measurement
  • Heart rate measurement
  • Crash detection
  • Emergency SOS

Apple watch series 8 price in Pakistan

The watch can be bought straight from Apple retail locations or online through their website. The cost may differ from one vendor to another. Below is a list of estimated sums.

Apple WatchPrice in Pakistan
Apple watch series 8Starts from 95,680 PKR


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