Nation in shock as Armed Men Rape Girl in Islamabad park

Nation in shock as Armed Men Rape Girl in Islamabad park

Armed men rape girl in Islamabad park: According to Police, two armed men allegedly forced a female to consent to rape while holding her at gunpoint in Islamabad’s F-9 neighborhood on Saturday.

According to the initial information report, the incident happened on Thursday night when two armed males approached the victim while she was with her male coworker in a park in F-9 (FIR).

FIR, the gun aggressors separated the two and forced them into a neighboring thicket. According to the FIR, the perpetrators beat the young woman up after she begged them to release her and even offered them money in exchange for their safety.

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When the victim attempted to raise her voice, the attackers punched her and told her they would summon their “friends” to join them. The perpetrators also prevented her from fleeing, according to the FIR.

According to the FIR, the alleged offenders informed the victim that she shouldn’t be in the park at night and returned “all our items and handed us Rs1,000 to stay quiet” before disappearing into a nearby bush.

The suspects had a case filed against them, and the Police had opened an investigation into the event, according to Margalla police.

According to authorities, the suspects are being located using CCTV video and Safe City cameras. Police, questions were also asked of the F-9 Park staff to learn more about the suspects.

According to hospital authorities, the victim had a medical test yesterday at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). The girl’s body had signs of torture, according to the sources.

In the meantime, the forensic laboratory has received the victim’s sample(s) for deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) testing.

The 24-year-old victim’s body had signs of sexual assault, according to the results of the woman’s forensic examination.

According to sources in PIMs, the victim had wounds on his leg and face.


People have expressed their outrage and anger at the attack. In the nation’s capital on Twitter as word of the attack has spread.

One user commented: “News of a horrible event in Islamabad. Two armed men raped a girl in F9 Park and warned her not to go for a walk after dark. What kind of nation has Pakistan become? How did the armed men enter the park, and why did no one call the @ICT Police? Please locate and capture them.”


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