Pakistan Armed Forces Ranks – All you Need to Know About

Pakistan Armed Forces Ranks – All you Need to Know About
Pakistan Armed Forces Ranks – All you Need to Know About

Pakistan\’s Armed Forces are regard as one of the world\’s largest and most capable. While Pakistan has several military forces, the Pakistan Army, Pakistan Army Doctors, and Pakistan Air Force are the most powerful. The army ranks pakistan are primarily based on British Army posts; however, the position construction of distinct positions and the workforce and emblem is unique.

Army Ranks pakistan


Since the sub-mainland tactical powers fought for the British for a long period before independence, the British soldiers have utilised a similar positional design until now. The military, naval force, and flying corps all have a few levels of placement officials that order the selected soldiers and help them become combat-ready as needed. This article will inform you about the ranks and pay of the Pakistani army.

Here is the list of positions in the Pakistan Army:

  • Second Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant
  • Skipper
  • Major
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Colonel
  • Brigadier
  • Significant General
  • Lieutenant General
  • General
  • Field Marshal

Fundamentally, The Pak Army positions are separate into three sections.

  • Charged Officers
  • Junior Commissioned Officers
  • Non-Commissioned Officers

Officials and Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) of the Pakistan Army wear their position badges on their khaki uniform\’s shoulders. In contrast, Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) wear their rank symbol on their arm. Every military faculty wear symbols on the chest at CCD.

The SSG and standard Pak armed force positions emblem were worn on the chest in the early extended stretches of cover uniform. Indeed, this example changed during General Kayani\’s reign, when the emblem was remove from the CCD\’s chest. In addition, the Khaki uniform has a comparable look to it when it comes to wearing postures.

Officials and JCOs wear their positions on their shoulders, whereas NCOs wear their positions on their arms). Do you have a question in your mind about why they go from the shoulders to the chest? Indeed, there are numerous specific, nuanced aspects to this transition.

The Pakistan Army has unique Ranks and emblems that represent their ranks. Pakistan\’s military is the uniform ground fighting element of Pakistan\’s military. It was give out on August 14, 1947, when Pakistan was include in the World Atlas. It occupies a unique position in Pakistan\’s tactical capabilities since it has continually necessitated the country.

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Pak Army Ranks Grades And Salary

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The Chief\’s Pak Army Rank is an official post that is usually dependable with the orders of a tactical group. There aren\’t many flying corps and maritime powers that use the post. An infantry battery or a mounted weapons battery is often use as an official or second leader today.

The NATO nations are identified by the OF-2, which is one level above the OF-1 and one level below the OF-3 (significant or commandant)


When acting as his company boss, usually a chief top dog, the major lieutenants are responsible for battling detachments. The primary lieutenants of Shield divisions are in charge of driving tank commissions into battle and destroying troopers.

Second Lieutenant

In the Pakistani Army, a subsequent lieutenant is a passage-level appointe official. A few rifle crews led by a senior non-appointed official are usually compelle in the second crew of 20 to 45 soldiers. Working closely with the sergeant and two group pioneers, the second lieutenant\’s main responsibility is to battle infantry forces. The next lieutenant coordinates the commands then sent to the crew chiefs and various warriors via the sergeant.

Major (Maj)

Majors are regular employees who are not on the front lines. They may also be in charge of leading an authoritative or calculated group.

Lieutenant Colonel (Lt-Col)

Lieutenant Colonel Pak Army Rank commands a brigade of up to 1,000 soldiers with a trained NCO partner. They may also be chosen as chief/superiors for a team.

Major General

The significant general is the most elevated super durable position of formally dressed powers, given that the higher positions are proficient and associated with exceptional tasks. Simultaneously, these officials are essentially qualified for their most significant profit level.


Colonel is a senior official in the Pakistani Army. A Pakistan Navy chief and a Pakistan Air Force squadron skipper are referenced in Colonel\’s post. The post is above and below that of a lieutenant colonel, as it is in many armies. More than 140 colonels have moved to the rank of Brigadier in Pakistan, and more than 200 lieutenant colonels have promoted to the rank of colonel.


A Brigadier-general Pak Army Ranks is the lowest level of overall official. An overall unit is higher than a Colonel or Naval Captain but lower than an Admiral. While colonels currently command military detachments, the title of brigadier-general is not yet in use.

Lieutenant General

Lieutenant General is a Three-Star Army Soldier in the Pakistan Army. It makes references to the Federal Office Secretary, the Pakistan Navy\’s Vice-Admiral, and the Pakistan Air Force\’s air marshal. An overall three-star is another term for an overall lieutenant.

As different armed forces, this level is higher than a general and lower than a general. The Pakistan Army now has 28 Lieutenant-Generals, each commanding one corp. Lieutenant General Commanders serve mostly as high commandants, such as troops\’ leaders, or as major levels of Army staff, such as in the TRADOC or order powers.


The Pakistan Constitution, which is intended to serve as the Pakistan Armed Forces\’ territory-based uniform assistance unit, covers its essence and authoritative competence. Nadeem Raza and Qamar Javid Bajwa are the current officers in the Pakistan Army.


  • Grade: 16
  • Compensation: 70,000

The Sub-Director is the most noteworthy position of the Pak Army armed force (dependent upon an inability to test


  • Grade: 5
  • Compensation: 20,000

Officers in the military are given titles. Tanks, aeroplanes, and helicopters are several modes of transportation used by cutting-edge military powers to combat fighters on the ground. Fighters accomplish a great deal, from firing opponents to exhuming cautious passageways.

You\’re use to defending your country or attacking another country\’s population. Preparing, working in the tactical forte (MOS), and fundamental officers are all part of a typical day for a well-trained warrior.

Pakistan Air Force Ranks


We should now take a close look at the Pakistan Air Force\’s current positions:

Pilot Officer (Plt-Off)

Turning into a Pilot Officer is the first step toward becoming a deployed official in the Air Force. On the route to becoming a Flying Officer, this job requires completing on-the-ground requirements.

Flying Officer (Flg-Off)

Flying Officers may not be able to fly at this time. Many are aircrew or ground support, while others have orders for trips to ground bases.

Flight Lieutenant (Flt-Lt)

Flight Lieutenants are frequently give command of a small unit, usually made up of exceptionally well-prepared officials, after making the decision to join the aircrew or the on-ground branches.

Group Leader (SQN-LDR)

Group Leaders get to work directing tasks and units on the ground. They will be approached about directing a crew in their favourite division. They could also be approached to order a small flying group with the Wing Commander\’s approval.

Wing Commander (Wg-Cdr)

A Wing Commander, who may also manage a Squadron Leader after giving them a couple of military units to supervise, is in charge of most flying groups. Wing Commanders may also choose for a regulatory wing instead of a flying group.

Bunch Captain(GP-CAPT)

A Group Captain\’s main responsibilities include managing preparatory organisations and flying bases. They may also have command of military flight groups known as gathers.

Air Commodore (Air-Cdre)

Inside gatherings, Air Commodores are generally regarde as senior figures and air officials. They may call for gatherings or take up positions on the ground at the base.

Air Vice-Marshal (AVM)

An Air Vice Marshall is in charge of most military flying units or groups. The role is also know as Chief of the Air Staff, which encompasses the same responsibilities.

Air Marshal (Am)

Air Marshals are second in command to Air Chief Marshals, serving as the Commander in Chief of the Air Force or incomparable prominent posts. Military pilots may also considered for this high-ranking role, depending on their previous administrative history.

Air Chief Marshal (Acm)

The Commander in Chief of the Air Force is usually the Air Chief Marshal, and it is the most prestigious position in the Pakistan Air Force.

Payments to Army Doctors in Pakistan: 

Doctors on charging in the AMC are allow the position of Captain (or equivalent position in Navy/Air Force) in the size of Rs. 9450-9600-300-11400 or more, Non-rehearsing remuneration at the rate of 25% of the Basic Pay, and Dearness Allowance (all-out payment at least of Pay Scale (Rs.

A tactical specialist is appointe as a (direct) Captain (bypassing 2/Lt and Lieutenant posts) after a half year of training at PMA (AFPGMI for females) and advances through the ranks, eventually reaching the rank of Lt General (second most elevated position of armed force, a three-star General.) Doctors in the Pakistan army are normally pay Rs 40,000 per month.

Benefits Of Military Doctors

  • Safe working environment
  • Dignity and respect
  • Better working services and facilities
  • Merit-based progress in career


After reading this post, most of you will be familiar with Pakistan army ranks and salaries. Being Pakistanis, we must appreciate everything about the army, as this force is responsible for safeguarding our borders.


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