75th Pakistan Independence Day Celebrates with patriotic Zeal and Fervour

75th Pakistan Independence Day Celebrates with patriotic Zeal and Fervour
75th Pakistan Independence Day Celebrates with patriotic Zeal and Fervour

Today, the nation will celebrate Independence Day with zeal and zest. The 14th of August, Pakistan Independence Day, could considered a double liberation day. Muslim Indians also fought to free of British rule and later re-armed to fight for their nation-state. Present-day Pakistan, which was once part of the Indian subcontinent before it was separated from India. Pakistan Independence Day is celebrate in Islamabad. Where the national flag is hoiste at the Parliament and Presidency buildings on the day of the celebration. Afterward, Pakistan\’s President and Prime Minister give speeches that are widely circulated and televised.

There is a green and white display all over the country in anticipation of August 14. Which marks the country\’s independence from British colonial rule under the 1947 Partition.

Pakistan Flag

As the day draws closer, a growing number of stalls selling national flags, bunting, pin badges, green and white dresses, toys, and other accessories have appeared. During the Independence Day celebrations, special security measures have implemented at major thoroughfares to enforce and maintain law and order.

Independence day Ceremony

According to PTI officials, they are resolute in working with the Pakistan Movement to create a true Islamic welfare state in Pakistan. Thirty-one gun salutes will fired in the Federal Capital, and 21 gun salutes will be fired in the provincial headquarters as the day begins. In addition, a prayer service will be held for Pakistan\’s security, progress, and the welfare of its people.

Chief guest Dr. Arif Alvi will attend a national flag-raising ceremony at the President\’s Mansion. Provincial, divisional, and district headquarters will also hold flag hoisting events. As part of the ceremony, 126 Pakistanis and foreigners will receive Pakistan Civil Awards for demonstrating excellence and courage in their respective fields. Among them are three Nishan\’s, two Hilals, six Hilals, four Sitars, three Shuja\’ats, 17 Imtiaz, 39 President\’s Awards for Pride of Performance, three Sitaras, 17 Tamghas, 31 Imtiaz, and one Tamgha-i-Quaid-i-Azam. The President of Pakistan gave the three Sitaras, 17 Tamghas, and one Tamgha.

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CM Usman Buzdar

CM Usman Buzdar of Punjab expresse solidarity with the oppressed Kashmiris of India. Who illegally occupie Jammu and Kashmir and asserted that no power on earth could separate Kashmiris from Pakistan in his Independence Day message on July 4.

In addition, he said,

\”We remember the martyrs today, and the nation should stand united for collective betterment while following the golden principles of unity, faith, and discipline set forth by Quaid-e-Azam.\”

Everyone should pledge to make Pakistan great and prosperous, said the chief minister.

History of Pakistan Independence Day

Pakistan was create. It\’s a rare occurrence in modern history. Formerly known as the Indian subcontinent, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh were once part of a single, massive landmass. Since the introduction and acceptance of Islam in the subcontinent. The peace has been disturbed by clashes and Hindu oppression of Muslims. However, the Muslim minority was protecte after the War of Independence in 1857. With the help of intellectual thought and philosophies.

All-India Muslim League

While the odds were against the Muslism community, they realize their dreams of freedom through courage and faith. As of 1906, the All-India Muslim League was forme. On October 1, the first delegation of 36 Muslim leaders presented their demand for a separate state for Muslims to the viceroy of India in Simla.

But for one man\’s superhuman efforts and struggl. The concept of Pakistan and the liberation of Muslims would have remained a pipe dream instead of becoming a reality. So lawyer and politician Muhammad Ali Jinnah became known as the father of Pakistan. Until Pakistan\’s independence, Jinnah was the leader of the All-India Muslim League (AIML).

Allama Muhammad Iqbal 

Allama Muhammad Iqbal was another visionary who pushe the idea of Muslims being separate from India to the forefront of public consciousness. Iqbal proposed the idea in his address to the nation on December 29, 1930, in Allahabad. The Allahabad Address is now considere a historical milestone in the field of public policy. \’Pakistan\’ was first used in a 1933 pamphlet called \”Now Or Never.\”

It was a momentous occasion in human history. Muslim leaders from all over the country attende the meeting, and the centuries-old struggle of Muslims for sovereignty and freedom was finally resolve. British Prime Minister Clement Attlee announced on February 20, 1947, that India would be granted complete self-government by June 1948. The last viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten, released the \”June Plan\” after consulting with the British government and Congress leaders on several occasions.

 14 August1947

According to Mountbatten, India\’s Congress and the Muslim League endorsed the plan he proposed. As a result, British Parliament passed India\’s Independence Act in July 1947. On July 20, Pakistan and India each had their provisional governments in place. Finally, on August 14, 1947, British India was divided into India and Pakistan, resulting in two new countries.

Muslim nation

There was a lot of bloodshed and carnage on the partition. In response to the idea of a Muslim nation, Hindu brutality increased, and Jinnah and the rest of the Muslim leaders faced fierce opposition. Lineages and families were destroye, and tales of partitions are still being collecte and archived to this very day.\”

Your temples are at your disposal, and you\’re free to visit them whenever you want. Your mosques or any other places of worship in Pakistan are open to you. Religion, caste, and creed don\’t matter to the state.\” ― Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Nation celebrates Pakistan Day with renewed pledge to work for progress of true Islamic welfare state


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