Arshad Sharif passed Away, Pakistani journalist, writer and TV anchor- cause of Death

Arshad Sharif passed Away, Pakistani journalist, writer and TV anchor- cause of Death

Unknown assailants are killing revolutionaries. Once again, the unjust rulers opted to murder their subjects rather than end their terrible rule, and history was repeated. Arshad Sharif was a protester and a hero who lost his life upholding the law.

Pakistani journalist, TV personality, and author Arshad Sharif. He conducted numerous political investigations and wrote reports for domestic and foreign news organizations. Arshad received the Pride of Performance award from President Alvi in March 2019 in recognition of his work in journalism.

Before becoming the news director for Aaj, Arshad Sharif was a news director for AAJ News. Before that, he anchored ARY News\’ Kyun and the Power play. Arshad was also the program\’s host on Dunya TV. When reporting on political stories, he focuses on the front lines of the conflict between the Pakistani army and its adversaries.

Arshad Sharif with his wife and kids

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Muhammad Sharif TI(M) TK, Commander of the Pakistan Navy, is the father of Arshad Sharif. While still a student, he began his profession as a freelance journalist in 1993. From Quaid-i-Azam University, also in Pakistan\’s capital city of Islamabad, he received a Master of Science in Public Administration.

According to the previous version of this work, Commander Muhammad Sharif, the father of Arshad Sharif, passed away in May 2011 due to a heart attack. However, in May 2011, his younger brother Major Ashraf was killed when his automobile went off the road en route to his father\’s funeral. Major Ashraf departed Bannu Cantonment after learning of his father\’s passing and refused any escort or driver. Commander Muhammad Sharif and Major Ashraf Sharif perished when their car collided with a nearby tree. Both were laid to rest at the H-11 Graveyard, a few miles from the collision scene. Each funeral included full military rites of burial.

Before taking up the position of Dawn News Bureau Chief in 2011, Sharif served as Director of News for Dunya TV and AAJ News.

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In 1999, Arshad Sharif started his career as a journalist. He began working as a managing editor, columnist, and reporter for the weekly journal Pulse. He moved to The News that same year and began working as a columnist and editor of the Daily Dawn in 2001.

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