Artistic Milliners rape case: Female employee allegedly ganged raped by 22 men

Artistic Milliners rape case Female employee allegedly gang raped by 22 men
Artistic Milliners rape case Female employee allegedly gang raped by 22 men

In a shocking incident, a woman was allegedly gang-rape by over 20 men at Artistic Milners, a leading denim manufacturing company in Karachi.
As we all know, the hashtag \’Artistic Milliners Rape Case\’ is trending on Twitter. According to multiple tweets, it has been reported that a female employee of Artistic Milliners was allegedly assaulte by more than 20 men on the office premises.
A maid working in Unit 4 of the factory was allegedly ask to work overtime, after which she was drugge and raped overnight by 20-22 persons under HR jurisdiction.

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He was later torture as burning cigarettes were poure on his bare skin. According to tweets, she struggled to get out of the building at 6 am. However, she died outside the office. Another tweet claime that she was murdere after being rape. However, the facts of the case have not been confirme yet. Many users have also claimed that since the company has several international clients, it is using its power to bury this horrific incident in all possible ways.
According to Wikipedia, Artistic Milners is a vertical denim manufacturing company with a strong focus on women\’s empowerment, innovation and sustainability. However, the claims and tweets against the organization tell a different story:

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Artistic Milliners rape case

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