Cricketer Mohammad Nawaz Wedding Pictures with His Wife Izdihaar

Cricketer Mohammad Nawaz Wedding Pictures with His Wife Izdihaar

Mohammad Nawaz plays cricket for Pakistan, as we all know, but did you know that he is married? Look at these photos from Cricketer Mohammad Nawaz and his lovely wife Izdihaar\’s wedding.
The Pakistani cricket team\’s rising star is Mohammad Nawaz. He is now a member of the 2022 Asia Cup team. In 2016 against the West Indies, he played his first test.
In the summer of 2018, Mohammad Nawaz married Izdihaar, and he photographed the event beautifully. Together, the two give birth to a stunning baby girl.

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Cricketer Mohammad Nawaz

Izdihaar Nawaz, Mohammad Nawaz\’s wife, is thought to have been born in Saudi Arabia even though she resided in South Africa at the time of their union.
Izdihaar and Muhammad Nawaz wed in South Africa following a five-year engagement. The photographs are proof that the wedding was a lovely event.

On their wedding day, Mohammad Nawaz and his wife are shown here!

On her wedding day, Izdihaar Nawaz was a picture of beauty and looked magnificent.
She appeared as lovely as a princess in a white outfit. Mohammad Nawaz looked smart in a blue outfit, and the couple formed a beautiful photo. Take a peek at the happy couple\’s wedding photos!

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