Has COAS Met With Religious Leaders Behind the Bulletproof Glass?


Asim Muunir bulletproof glass met with religious: Asim Munir, the chief of staff of the Army, met with academics and religious leaders on Friday. A social media image of the Army Chief that went viral during this meeting sparked criticism.

According to the widely circulated photo, the Army Chief met with the scholars behind a bulletproof glass, avoiding face-to-face communication.

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Some social media users expressed doubts over the Chief’s presence at the headquarters, arguing that he should be behind bulletproof glass.

Later on social media, Allama Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi refuted the allegations, claiming that the Army Chief had not used bulletproof glass during the meeting.

Asim Muunir bulletproof glass met with religious

Tahir Ashrafi described the meeting’s circumstances in his video statement, saying that the honorable Chief of Army Staff, General Hafiz Syed Asim Munir, had a meeting with academics and religious leaders. He even spoke with the scholars during the Friday prayer break. He individually met everyone in attendance, struck up a conversation, and listened to their concerns after the meeting.

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Tahir also regretted that, at this crucial juncture, misinformation and falsehood were being disseminated. He denounced the distortion of an image on social media, implying that bulletproof glass was deployed between General Hafiz and the professors during their discussion.

With great conviction, Tahir Ashrafi declared, “May Allah’s curse be upon the liars.” There need to be a little humility and humiliation. Speaking in this manner and disseminating such propaganda is something that our enemies understand, but if citizens of our nation act in this manner, it is the duty of the intelligence services to apprehend and punish those responsible.

It is also our duty to educate the country on the actual state of affairs. May Allah guide those with mistaken intents and bless the rest of us.

Additionally, a social media user made it clear that the glass in front of the Army Chief in the picture is actually a tabletop.


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