Blackpink Rose Opens Up About Mental Health Issues


Blackpink Rose mental Health Issues: Rose, a fan of the K-pop duo BLACKPINK, was in California for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit’s spouse event. Rose from Blackpink talked candidly about mental health concerns while giving a speech at an event.
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On Friday, first lady Jill Biden organized a mental health awareness event in California, which K-pop sensation Rosé attended.
Rose stated that it’s critical for the public to know that even well-known individuals experience emotional difficulties.

“I think that would be very great, for everybody who works under the public eye,” she said.

The artist, who is 26 years old, claimed that having a sizable social media following makes her feel exposed, especially to criticism.

“I do feel like some of the things I do is just never enough, and no matter how hard I work on something, there’s always gonna be somebody who has their own opinion or who enjoys taking control of the narrative,” she said, adding “And so that comes to me as a sense of loneliness.”

Blackpink Rose mental Health Issues

“Just as we feed ourselves for better health and fitness, mental health can only be maintained equally — if not more intentionally — as our physical well-being.”

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