Ayeza Khan ode to the legendary Shabnam and Noor Jehan for her latest campaign

Ayeza Khan ode to the legendary Shabnam and Noor Jehan for her latest campaign

Netizens are stunned by the first peek of the season from Ali Xeeshan Studio\’s most awaited collection. People are in utter awe of Ayeza Khan appearance. Ali Xeeshan\’s Shabo Shehzadi is the most anticipated season of the unstitched wedding collection. Ayeza Khan is rocking with her timeless style and endearing appearance once more. Ayeza Khan looks stunning and loves wearing glittery festival gear. Netizens adore the Chupke Chupke star\’s regal appearance in the most recent campaign. It is acceptable to describe her as a young woman with stunning beauty and exceptional acting abilities.

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Once more, enticing her fans with her mesmerizing dances in videos set to tunes by famous Shabnam and Noor Jehan, the stunning Ayeza Khan. The 7th of October marks the premiere of the unstitch festive collection, which features 12 exquisite designs and is available not just in Pakistan but also internationally. This intriguing Ayeza Khan video is a vibe. They demonstrate the importance of love, joy, and excitement for more basic things.


Ayeza Khan looks stunning in a stunning costume with tasteful embroidery. Her hairstyle and makeup are both flawless. She is honoring the wonderful Shabnam Jee and Madam Noor Jehan while performing the song Golgappa. Internet users are smitten with this newest collection and the song as well. Fans of Ayeza Khan are proud of her for working hard and going outside her comfort zone. Netizens are referring to Ali Xeeshan as the \”God of the Fashion Industry\” because of this masterpiece and how he consistently preserves culture. Look at that!

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