Bracket Fan Price in Pakistan 2023 – Best Bracket Fans to Use

Bracket Fan Price in Pakistan 2023 – Best Bracket Fans to Use

It can be difficult to install a typical ceiling fan in a room with a low ceiling, like a dressing room or bathroom. Conversely, bracket fans are simple to fasten to the ceiling. The specifics and Bracket Fan Price in Pakistan will be covered in this article.

Bracket Fans


A popular choice for quick cooling and ventilation is a bracket fan since it can be install at an angle most suitable for the user. It performs admirably in homes, businesses, and cool garages during the summer.

These fans only have three speeds, as opposed to a ceiling fan\’s four, which might make the room feel cramped. Traditional wall or bracket fans are set up a little higher than the standard height of the room\’s light fixture.

This appliance is often place in the bathroom because the temperature is higher after a hot shower or heat wave. It aids in removing moisture from the floor, shower, and bathroom walls.

Most tower fans, pedestal fans, and standing fans with propeller blades are aerodynamically designed to oscillate to create a silent breeze.

Depending on the design and manufacturer, the navigational controls can vary. Still, a typical manual switch will either have a rope and knob system or a simple plastic knob to control the speeds. A physical button controls the camera\’s panning on top of the motor that can release the rotation from its hinge.

There are now more advanced remote control bracket fans that may be used at a farther distance. These fans are a wise investment for use in basements, workshops, retail locations, and warehouses. The cooling process would be more tranquil thanks to the strong and dependable metal blades.

The many models on Shopsy will have different oscillations, sizes, timer lengths, and power needs. Find out where each fan will be placed and what purpose they will perform each day.

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Best Bracket Fan Price in Pakistan

Some of Pakistan\’s most well-known bracket fans are the following:

  1. GFC Bracket Fans Deluxe Plus 18″
  2. Royal Fans Wall/Bracket Fan – 14 inches
  3. GFC Bracket Fans Light Display with Remote 18″
  4. Pak Fan Bracket Fan

GFC Bracket Fans Deluxe Plus 18”

GFC offers ceiling and pedestal fans with 99.99 percent copper winding in a wide range of types, including those for ceiling, pedestal, bracket, and exhaust fans. With a wide range of designs and finishes.

The most eye-catching ceiling and pedestal fans in their category are GFC products. The only choices for completing a room are GFC pedestal fans and GFC ceiling fans. The first electric fan manufacturing company in Pakistan to get the Pakistan Export Trophy Award was GFC Ceiling and Pedestal Fans in 1998.

GFC Bracket Fans Deluxe Plus 18\” Since GFC was the first fan manufacturer to win the coveted Brand of Year Award in 2007 for its ceiling and pedestal fans, GFC has received 16 Export Trophy Awards for the high quality of its exports of ceiling fans and pedestal fans.

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Royal Fans Wall/ Bracket Fan -14 inches


Bracket Fans, Ceiling Fans, Pedestal Fans, Bracket Fans, and Exhaust Fans from Royal are in various designs and have a 99.99 percent copper wire. Our first objective at Royal Bracket Fans is to offer energy-efficient goods that let our clients spend less money on other requirements.

The design of the aerodynamic wings, with 3 speeds and 90-degree horizontal oscillation, results in better air jerk-free oscillation.

GFC Bracket Fans Light Display With Remote 18”


The capacitor on this bracket fan has three blades and a 450mm sweep. This has a speed of 1475 rpm and a power output of 65 watts. This fan delivers air at a rate of 70 m3/min.

Copper Wire 18\” Pak Fan Bracket Fan GFC Bracket Fans With Remote Rugged Construction, Quiet Operation, and Energy-Efficient Durable Motor with Air Circulation Device 99.99% of the Time.

Pak Fan Bracket Fan


The bracket fan\’s timer has oscillation and speed adjustments in addition to a one- to four-hour timer. The automatic shutoff helps reduce electricity costs and guards against the fan being harme by excessive usage.

Features of a Bracket Fan

The fan\’s cabin, which holds the fan blades, and its mounted grill have both been tightly fastened to protect anyone standing in front. When paired with a high-speed motor, the gyroscopic movement can create an airflow between 10 and 20 feet long.

A sixty-inch power cord will help demonstrate that the fan has been put together properly and will stop electricity from being run to the device until it is secure.

Bracket Fan Price in Pakistan in 2023

The blade size varies depending on the type; nevertheless, a 16-inch blade should be adequate for a modestly sized area. The device\’s body and base were construct from a robust material that is easy to clean and would protect users from any potential electrical shocks. Below is a list of these fans\’ prices:

Bracket FansPrice in Pakistan
GFC Bracket Fans Deluxe Plus 18″Rs. 6,180
Royal Fans Wall/Bracket Fan – 14 inchesRs. 5,750
GFC Bracket Fans Light Display with Remote 18″Rs. 7,133
Pak Fan Bracket FanRs. 9,095


The specifics and model features of a bracket fan are explaine in this article. In the article above, there is also a discussion of the Bracket Fan Price in Pakistan.


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