7 Best App To Learn English Language in 2023

7 Best App To Learn English Language in 2023

People are dedicating more time to acquiring a second language like English. English is taught in many nations as a second language to young children. Whether you\’re looking for a new job or planning a global trip, an English education can help you make a personal and professional difference in your life. You can compete, enhance your talents, and meet individuals worldwide on the global job market. Here are some best app to learn English.

The reasons for the importance of English are as follows:

  • It will assist you in finding work because it is a business language.
  • It is a language used in science.
  • Knowing English can lead to a world of entertainment.
  • Learning English will expand your understanding and help you travel or study internationally.
  • English is the most widely spoken language in the world.

The best English learning apps

There are various apps available now that can help you learn English.

Understanding a language\’s vocabulary, creating sentences, and reading it are the most crucial aspects of learning it. If you wish to learn English via mobile apps, keep these things in mind.

  • You must practice for 30 to 40 minutes every day.
  • Do not overlook the importance of practicing.
  • Think in English as much as possible.
  • You must communicate in English every day.

The following are the finest English learning apps:


Babbel is the best English learning software since it lets you practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The Babbel English course takes you from beginner to conversational English in no time.

Babbel\’s grammatical suggestions distinguish it from other best app to learn english. While English grammar can be difficult to learn, Babbel breaks it into manageable chunks.

Key features:

  • All communication skills are practiced in the same course.
  • Learn how the natives speak to sound more authentic.
  • Lessons are interesting and cover a wide range of topics.


Many apps can teach you English, but they don\’t include cultural information. One of them is MosaLingua. MosaLingua is a flashcard program that may be used to learn various English words and phrases. It does, however, offer a large library of books, music, and movies to help you understand more about culture.

In my opinion, knowing about the culture and acquiring new terms and phrases is essential. With both, MosaLingua can help. MosaLingua\’s only drawback is that it does not provide much speaking practice.

Key features:

  • An extensive dictionary of English words and phrases.
  • There are no official lessons; you can study whatever you like.
  • It saves you time by eliminating the need to look for books, movies, and other media on the internet.
  • Most other language applications have a lower monthly fee than this one.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a well-known language learning tool with a lengthy history. It differs from other apps because it immerses you in English from the very first session. This method isn\’t for everyone (it\’s a little intimidating), but there\’s plenty of research to support it.

The lessons are jam-packed with practical tasks to improve your speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills. The pace of the course can be a little slow at times. One of the best app to learn english

Key features:

  • Immersive lessons help you learn more quickly.
  • This course will guide you through progressing from beginner to advanced.
  • Accurate voice recognition technology help with pronunciation.
  • Lessons are brief and easy to comprehend.


Italki is a global online network that connects language teachers and students all over the world. There are more than 8,000 online English tutors available to help you with your study. The most important aspect of Italki is that it is both safe and simple to use.

You can look for tutors based on their languages, origins, and other criteria. You can also take your classes via Skype, Zoom, or the italki app directly. Above all, your money is safe if something goes wrong during your classes.

Key features

  • More than 8,000 English teachers are available.
  • You get to decide what you want to learn.
  • Tutors provide trial sessions at a discounted rate.


FluentU is a language learning tool that allows you to immerse yourself in English content. There are movie trailers, music videos, advertisements, and more. One of the most effective ways to learn how native speakers interact is to immerse yourself in the language.

Each video contains subtitles and a translation to make it easier to follow. If you don\’t know what a term means, click on it, and FluentU will show you the definition and related videos. This allows you to practice each word in many contexts.

Key features

  • There is a vast selection of English-language videos.
  • Subtitles and translations are available to help you follow along.
  • Create flashcards to aid in the learning of new words.
  • New content is regularly updated.


You can use Lingoda on your phone even if it isn\’t officially a language app. It\’s an online language school that offers a thorough English course. The German government has also accepted it! A licensed native English instructor leads each class of three to five pupils. You can also take private lessons if you choose.

The Lingoda English classes will help you improve your English from an A1 to a C1 level. You can choose the order in which you want to finish classes and the level at which you want to study.

You can use this app to practice the following skills:

  • Certified instructors who are native English speakers
  • Traditional language schools offer a comprehensive program.
  • Hundreds of courses on a wide range of topics


Pimsleur can help you become more communicative quickly. English is an audio course that allows you to start speaking right away. The course\’s emphasis is on useful phrases and vocabulary that you will meet in everyday situations.

While Pimsleur is, without a doubt, the best speaking school available, it does not teach you grammar, reading, or writing. You should most likely use a tool like Babbel to practice them.

Key features

  • The audio course can be listened to anywhere – at home, in the car, or at the gym.
  • Lessons are delivered in a logical order and are based on prior knowledge.
  • Learn crucial terminology to become communicative quickly.
  • A native speaker delivers each lesson to aid in pronunciation.


Hopefully, the applications on this website will assist you in your language learning efforts. Each English study program is different and can help you focus on different skills. These are the best app to learn english because of their quality, affordability, and functionality.

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