16 Popular and Best Biscuits in Pakistan to Buy and Try

16 Popular and Best Biscuits in Pakistan to Buy and Try

Pakistani bakeries are known for their delectable cakes, pastries, and biscuits. Pakistan also offers a wide range of popular packaged biscuits and the gourmet variations seen in these bakeries. These biscuits have different names and flavors than those sold elsewhere.

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Biscuit producers\’ marketing techniques are similarly remarkable. Pakistani cookie advertising is likewise notable for its quantity. Afternoon tea and cookies are unquestionably a national pleasure in Pakistan. It may not be easy to reduce your options in Pakistan because of so many biscuit manufacturers.

This article about the best Pakistani cookie brands, on the other hand, has rescued the day. This article will discuss some of Pakistan\’s most popular biscuit brands. The following are some of the best and most popular biscuits to buy and try in Pakistan:

  1. Chocolatto
  2. TUC
  3. Cocomo
  4. Gluco
  5. Rio
  6. Chai Wala Biskut
  7. Sooper
  8. Cocodelite
  9. Chocolate chip by Bisconni
  10. Peanut Pik
  11. Nan Khatai
  12. Prince
  13. Candi
  14. Chocolicious
  15. Chocolate Sandwich
  16. Good Day


Chocolate lovers all across the world enjoy this. Bisconni\’s crinkly chocolate swirl biscuits have a creamy chocolate center. It is located in the same area as Cocomo. Bitcoin markets this brand as an opulent, seductive treat that you\’ll \”love at first taste,\” according to the manufacturer.

For Rs. 20, you get six delicious biscuits (about 9p). They also sell packages for Rs. 10 (4p) and Rs. 40. (18p). In Pakistan, there are an estimated 1.4 million young disabled children.

Bitcoin tries to help these kids whenever it can. Every box of Cocomo and Chocolatto sold contributes one cent to prosthetic arms for children in need.


The only company that creates fantastic biscuits is LU. People of all ages seek after this company\’s biscuits. TUC biscuits are a well-known product of the firm. These biscuits, with their salty flavor, are the ideal post-meal snack. A hot cup of tea, in my opinion, goes well with them.


Cocomo comes in four different flavors, each with its color, texture, and flavor character. On the other hand, their chocolate cookies are a tremendous favorite among the general population. Cocomo is a delicious cookie with a different pattern on each one. However, these are far less expensive. A modest package of Cocomo costs 5-10 Pakistani rupees (2p and 4p), while a party-size packet costs Rs. 50. (22p). This product is aimed at children, although it is also popular among adults.


Peek Freans Gluco wheat and milk cookies are a great energy source for kids. Both children and mothers in Pakistan enjoy them. As a new edition of their traditional Gluco, Peek Freans released the Gluco Juniors Animal Kingdom in 2020. The animal-shaped biscuits will appeal to children because they are nutritious. The biscuits are fun to chew and help create strong bones and enhance the immune system, calcium, and prebiotics. Calcium makes up 21% of a young child\’s recommended daily intake.


In Pakistan, Peek Freans makes RIO, a delicious cream-filled cookie. It was a childhood favorite when it was initially released in 1995. A sweet cream filling is sandwiched between two crisp biscuits in this dessert delicacy. These biscuits are great for kids because they aren\’t too sweet. There\’s a strawberry-vanilla flavor, as well as blueberry-vanilla and chocolate-vanilla flavors. At retail, they go for a little Rs. 20 (9p).

Chai Wala Biskut

They\’re Bisconni\’s Chai Wala Biskut, a little egg, and a milk biscuit. Their catchphrase, \”Duba Magar Pyar Se,\” has become a household name. Chai Wala Biskut can be found in the hearts and thoughts of Pakistanis who proudly dip their biscuits in tea wherever they are in the world.\” The packaging is substantially more colorful than those of other Pakistani cookie companies. The usage of truck art on the box celebrates Pakistani culture.

A regular size packet contains 13 biscuits and costs Rs. 20. (9p). You may also buy them in various package sizes for different prices, such as Rs. 5 (2p), Rs. 10 (4p), and Rs. 50. (22p).


Peek Freans\’ Cooper is one of the best cookies on the market. Soper is the most popular brand in Pakistan. As I frequently remark, Sooper is no longer my biscuit; it\’s the nation\’s biscuit. Their advertisement demonstrates that everyone loves Pakistani people\’s favorite cookie regardless of age.


The crispy Cocodelite biscuits from Cookania are created with real coconut. You can get a six-pack of cookies for Rs. 15, only 7p. Crunchy biscuits perfectly balance the sweet, coconutty flavor. Coconut fans everywhere will go crazy for these.

Chocolate Chip by Bisconni

For high-quality biscuits, Bisconni is the only name you need to know. Each biscuit has a distinct flavor that makes it tough to put down once you\’ve tried one. They also provide a wide range of chocolate-flavored sweets. They also have Chocolate Chip and Chocolate.

Peanut Pik

Peek Freans\’ Peanut Pik, a velvety cookie, is adorned with crispy peanuts. It is one of the most widely consumed snacks in Pakistan. Party Pik, Pista Pik, and several additional flavors are also available at Peek Freans.

Party Pik has raisins and peanuts, but Pista Pik contains pistachios and peanuts. Pista Pik has been a mainstay of Pakistani cuisine for nearly three decades. The sachets are sold for Rs. 20 (about 9p) each. Although it is a wonderful snack, it is not recommended for anyone allergic to nuts.

Bakeri Nan Khatai

Biscuit enthusiasts will rejoice to learn that this is a personal favorite. Bakeri Nankhatai, a new aromatic, crumbly, and sweet biscuit from 2014, is now available. A Bakeri Nankhatai biscuit is more like a portrait of Japanese culture and history than a cookie.

As a result, Nankhatai can be traced back to the Mughal era. The biscuits originated in India and gained popularity in Pakistan and northern India. The English term \”biscuit\” comes from the Persian phrase \”bread biscuit.\”


Prince biscuits are a high-end cream biscuit range made by the company LU. The two cookies are wrapped in a rich chocolate cream that ties them together. \”Prince,\” Pakistan\’s largest chocolate cream cookie, is beloved among Pakistan\’s youth for its delectable, energy-packed chocolate sandwich biscuits.

Prince is a fantastic deal at roughly Rs. 15 or about 7 pence. The firm has maintained a strong marketing presence in Pakistan and has run some notable advertising.


Candi biscuits from LU are a cutting-edge invention. It\’s a caramelized brown biscuit that\’s crunchy and tasty—Pakistan\’s only brown sugar cookie manufacturer. Candi is a sweeter version of the Belgian Lotus Biscoff cookies. These biscuits are perfect for desserts like cheesecakes because of their sweetness.


Chocolicious, Peek Freans\’ chocolate chip cookies are a hit with everyone. The vanilla taste in these cookies goes well with the chocolate chips. The bundle of six biscuits costs only Rs. 20. A variation with two kinds of chocolate chips is also available. These are the cookies for those who prefer a more traditional taste.

Chocolate Sandwich

Peek Freans\’ Chocolate Sandwich biscuits have a chocolate cream filling sandwiched between two crisp biscuits. Lemon cream is one of their most popular flavors, debuting in 1973. The lemon sandwich is the most popular cream biscuit in Pakistan. Although most cookies are better with tea, I prefer the lemon sandwich biscuits because they can be enjoyed on their own.

Good Day

Britannia\’s Good Day cookies are made to brighten your day with life\’s little pleasures.\’ There are several tastes to choose from. Cookies made with cashews, butter, pasta badam, and a nut are included. Pistachios, almonds, and cashews abound in these cookies. The cookies have a wonderful ridged pattern and cost Rs 155 each.


In 2022, get and try some of Pakistan\’s best and most popular biscuits. This page has covered every aspect of these biscuits.

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