12 Best Furniture Brands in Pakistan 2023

12 Best Furniture Brands in Pakistan 2023

Without furniture, a house, workplace, or outdoor space appears vacant and loses some of its elegance and charm. Furniture may enhance a space\’s beauty, making it an important purchase. Pakistan has a large number of furniture brands that provide high-quality items. Here are some  Best Furniture Brands in Pakistan

Every location\’s furniture reveals a person\’s taste and personality. Therefore, the younger generation requires the greatest furniture materials and contemporary and opulent furniture designs.

The top furniture brands in Pakistan today offer elegant and cosy furniture for outdoor spaces, offices, homes, etc. Keep checking this page if you\’re looking for the top furniture manufacturers in Pakistan in 2022.

Best Furniture brands in Pakistan 2022

The top 12 furniture brands in Pakistan for 2022 are included here, although there are many other top brands.

Malik Furniture

One of Pakistan\’s top furniture brands, \”Malik Furniture,\” is known for its luxurious and high-end products. They offer things with fashionable and recognisable designs that give them a regal appearance. Additionally, they have good practical quality and are sumptuous and comfy.

Malik Furniture offers a product that may be used in the home and the office. They have been crucial in improving Pakistan\’s furniture\’s degree of quality.

It provides high-end office furniture, wardrobes, bed sets, and sofa sets. Each item is offered at various prices with the most recent and distinctive design. There are also all different kinds of showcases here. The China cabinet and China hutch are the most well-known exhibits and are both reasonably priced.


The most well-known furniture brand in Pakistan is Interwood. It is often referred to as the market\’s \”trendsetter\” for furnishings. It has continued to uphold its 40-year legacy. Initially, it was just a modest studio in \”Karachi,\” but now they have devoted patrons throughout the nation.

The products\’ tried-and-true quality is this brand\’s defining feature. It sells a variety of things for homes, including furniture for kitchens, closets, doors, flooring, accessories, and offices.

The item gains valuable, marketable features from the addition of contemporary technology. Their best-selling and most recognisable item is the King-Sized Cresta Bed.

Index Furniture

In Pakistan, \”Index Furniture\” is a well-known furniture brand. It is a product of the Thai furniture company now operating in Pakistan. In Pakistan\’s largest cities, it has locations open. Its reputation as a provider of sturdy and high-quality goods has earned it a spot among Pakistan\’s top furniture companies at the moment.

Excellent and contemporary furnishings and accessories are offered by \”Index Furniture\” for both homes and offices. They mostly offer outdoor furniture, single and double bed sets, and sofa sets.

The internet platform also offers Index furniture. On their website, you can view their inventory and products. Additionally, the pricing is fair and adequate, given the quality of the goods.

Furniture Hub

Another top furniture brand that is well-known for offering all varieties of furniture in Pakistan is Furniture Hub. Their product line offers furnishings for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and dining area. They also have tables, couches, chairs, beds, and many other things in their catalogue. Additionally, it supplies furniture for the kids.

Furniture Hub in Pakistan began operations in 2013 and is currently included among the leading furniture manufacturers in Pakistan. Customers can place orders and purchase high-quality goods on their online ordering platform. People can also benefit from their quick delivery service, which occurs the same day the order is placed.

ChenOne Homes

One of the first furniture brands in Pakistan is called \”ChenOne Home.\” Since 1997, it has been offering customers the highest calibre of the furniture. They offer a wide selection of expensive furniture at reasonable costs. It is renowned for offering fashionable, elegant, and high-quality furniture with a long lifespan.

Their furniture has outstanding designs and excellent finishes, making it ideal for elegant home décor and weddings. Their retail network is present in practically all of Pakistan\’s major cities. On their website, customers may view their catalogue and see the costs.

The bed sets, dining and coffee tables, and sofa sets are among ChenOne Homes\’ most recognisable furniture pieces.


Woodaction is famous all over Pakistan due to its reliability and affordable furniture . You can customize your furniture according to traditional and modern looks; they have a nice collection of wedding furniture. They deal with bedroom sets, living rooms, lounges/halls, drawing rooms, and kitchen furniture. They also delivery all over pakistan with showroom in lahore.


Another of Pakistan\’s top furniture manufacturers, Habitt Furniture, has been operating since 2001. It is renowned for offering affordable furniture of excellent quality and contemporary style. This company features skilled local makers who offer modern, fashionable furniture at various price points.

In Pakistan, the Habitt furniture brand is renowned for offering the quickest furniture delivery, albeit this service may incur additional shipping costs. Habitat\’s major goal is to offer all of your home\’s furniture in one place.

Most of the furniture it sells is living room furniture, children\’s furniture, dining room and kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture, and outdoor furniture.

Obsession Outlets

The biggest furniture destination in Pakistan is Obsession Outlets, which is also accessible online. It is regarded as the greatest and most sophisticated furniture brand offering opulent and personalised bridal furniture.

Obsession Furniture has a distinctive style. Their skilled artisans give the goods an impressive and alluring appearance. This brand offers high-class, cosy, and opulent sofa sets for toddler beds.

The style and quality of their products may be easily viewed online at their store. The costs of each item are also readily apparent to the public.

This business offers a high-end selection of mattresses, sofas, dining room, and kitchen furnishings. There may be a lot more furniture available here.

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Considered the first and now leading furniture brand in Pakistan, HOiD created an online platform for a furniture business. It was founded in Karachi in 2013 and has established a strong reputation in the furniture sector.

They initially developed concepts for simple furniture pieces before eventually improving their designs. They currently have a range of furniture that is both basic and opulent and of royal high quality.

It is renowned for offering opulent, useful products with the original design. Their goods have the greatest lifespan since they only utilise pure wood of the highest grade.

HOiD offers furniture for the dining room, living room, bedroom, kitchen, and kids, as well as for the office and houses.

Dolce Vita Home

The leading furniture company in Pakistan is Dolce Vita Home, which sells stylish and cosy furniture and accessories. It sells opulent furnishings and housewares. To better serve their customers and reach a vast audience, they also operate an online store.

The furniture from Dolce Vita Home was create in cooperation with German and Italian initiatives. They initially introduced the posture bed system to Pakistan, but today their inventory includes furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, posture wells, and décor.


The \”KalamKaar furniture brand\” is well-known for producing beautiful furniture in Pakistan. Their furniture features distinctive, cutting-edge designs with a creative flair that hints at south Asian tradition. It appears on the best furniture brands list since it offers royal goods.

Their top-notch showrooms are well-known throughout the world, not just in Pakistan. Its inventory includes products for offices, restaurants, outdoor furniture, and houses. Their furniture features both modern and antique touches.

KalamKaar is renowne for its imperial wedding furnishings as well. Therefore, if you\’re looking for this furniture, call their store. Most of their exquisite furniture is use in bedrooms, drawing rooms, and lounge

NM’s Furniture

The most well-known furniture brands available in Pakistan include NM\’s Furniture. The brand\’s primary goal is to simultaneously add comfort and innovation to furniture. Its furniture exhibits a stunning fusion of old and modern styles, which results in an original design.

Tables, chairs, bedroom sets, sofas, mirrors, sideboards, wall hangings, consoles, and a range of other furniture pieces are available at the store. The brand did not skimp on the calibre of its goods.

Apna Furniture

Another \”best furniture brand\” in Pakistan is Apna Furniture, which aims to offer clients high-quality furniture products. Additionally, it is accessible online, enabling clients to connect with it quickly and simply.

It allows furniture vendors to display their products and receive advertising. A wide variety of products are produce by \”Apna Furniture,\” including things for kids, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and much more.

The \”Kevin Chair\” and the cute \”double and single beds\” are the brand\’s hallmark items. The \”Kevin Chair\” is available in stunning black colour and can turne 360 degrees. Additionally, its lumber support contributes to the spinal cord\’s and your back\’s comfort.

Final Note

The top furniture brands are list in this article. They are almost all accessible through the web platform. If you require one, visit their official website and select the model that best suits your preferences and personality.


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