Best Lipstick Brands in Pakistan 2022

Best Lipstick Brands in Pakistan 2022

Pakistan is known for its vibrant colours, and every female wants to appear her best. The beauty of Pakistani women is well-known throughout the world. What essential component of a woman\’s beauty regimen? Lipstick! It can be difficult to choose which brand of lipstick or makeup to buy because there are so many on the Pakistani market. Therefore, this post is for you if you\’re looking for the top Best Lipstick Brands in Pakistan.

Pakistan has many local brands, but not all are up to par. Furthermore, it can be difficult to find high-quality lipstick in neighbourhood stores. For this reason, we have put together a list of the top lipstick manufacturers in Pakistan that you can trust.
Only the Best Lipstick Brands in Pakistan will be covered. A selection is provided below:

1 – Luscious Cosmetics

One of the top cosmetics companies in Pakistan is called Luscious Cosmetics. Lipsticks are among the many cosmetics products that are available. There are numerous colours and textures of lipsticks from Luscious Cosmetics. They have good pigmentation and durability. The best part about Luscious Cosmetics is how reasonably priced its lipsticks are.

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2 – Maybelline Lipstick

We find happiness in the little things, like a new coat of Maybelline lipstick. When we wear it, we can\’t help but feel our best. Therefore, we are confident that our lipstick will help us look and feel our best whether we leave for work or go out.

Why wouldn\’t you love Maybelline lipstick? It always looks fantastic, is reasonably priced, and comes in several colours. It also lasts all day and is simple to apply. What else could we possibly need?

As a result, reach for your Maybelline lipstick the next time you feel down or need some motivation. It\’s the ideal way to make your day more cheerful.

3 – Medora Lipstick

For women who adore their lipstick, Medora is their ideal product. This thick, creamy consistency gives a long-lasting colour that won\’t bleed or a feather and applies smoothly. Additionally, it is available in various hues to match any complexion.

But Medora stands out for its remarkable tenacity. Everything, even eating, drinking, and kissing, does not remove this substance. So Medora lipstick is the way to go if you want lovely colours all day.

4 – Miss Rose Lipstick

One of Pakistan\’s top cosmetics brands is Miss Rose. There are many different colours and shades available. The Miss Rose lipstick is of excellent quality and has a long shelf life. Miss Rose Lipstick is reasonably priced as well. It is the ideal choice for Pakistanis looking for a high-quality lipstick brand.

5 – Masarrat Misbah Lipstick

The finest feature of Masarrat Misbah lipstick is that it keeps your lips moisturised and doesn\’t dry them out, making them more comfortable to wear. It also doesn\’t bleed and has incredible durability. If you\’re looking for a new lipstick, consider Masarrat Misbah\’s selection!

6  Rivaj Lipstick

Pakistani cosmetics company Rivaj Cosmetics provides a variety of goods for women. One of the brand\’s most well-liked products in various colours is Rivaj lipstick.

Lipsticks from Rivaj are renowned for their superior craftsmanship and vibrant colour. The lipsticks also contain Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E, which support the maintenance of healthy, hydrated lips. The colours of Rivaj lipsticks range from neutral tones to vivid pinks and reds.

7 – Revlon Lipstick

We all understand that a professional appearance cannot be attained without the ideal lipstick when getting dressed up. However, choosing the correct Revlon Lipstick for you might be challenging, given the wide variety of colours and formulations available. In this situation, Revlon is useful. Revlon offers the ideal lipstick for every occasion, with a huge selection of colours and formulations.

8 – L’Oreal Lipstick

The lipstick that offers you kisses is Loreal. After applying this flawless combination of hydration and colour, your lips will have plenty of moisture and a dash of colour. The lipsticks offer maximum coverage with only one stroke and are kiss-proof. The ideal lipstick for working women on the go! You may choose the ideal shade of Loreal Lipstick for your skin tone from several colours. Loreal Lipstick is the ideal hue for you, whether you\’re going for a more subtle appearance or something more striking.

9 – Glamorous Lipstick

One of the most well-known lipstick brands available is the Glamorous Lipstick Brand. Their lipsticks are renowned for having intense colour payoff and staying power.

There is something for everyone in the great colour choices. It is simple to apply because the formula is creamy and highly pigmented. It doesn\’t bleed or a feather and has amazing lasting power.

Elegant and slick describe the packaging. Additionally, the cost is reasonable, especially considering the high calibre of the goods. The Glamorous Lipstick Brand is a great option for anyone searching for high-quality lipstick that won\’t break the wallet.

10 – Sweet Touch Lipstick

A wide choice of lipstick colours finishes, and pricing is available from Sweet Touch. Outstanding quality is used, and the results are durable. The lipstick has a smooth, pliable feel. Overall, for those seeking high-quality lipstick, this is a fantastic option.

Other Famous Lipstick Brands in Pakistan

  • Nude Lipstick
  • Huda Beauty Lipstick
  • Medora Lipstick
  • Matte Lipstick
  • Mac Lipstick
  • Kashees Lipstick
  • Nyx Lipsticks
  • Heng Fang Lipstick
  • Oriflame Lipstick
  • Swiss Miss Lipstick
  • Flormar Lipsticks

We advise trying the products above if you\’re seeking a new lipstick line that is reasonably priced, pigmented, and offered in various colours. The lipstick doesn\’t have to cost a fortune. In Pakistan, there are many high-quality, reasonably priced brands to choose from. What colour do you prefer? Which lips do you prefer: bold or gentle and natural-looking? Let us know your favourite lipstick manufacturer in the comments section below!


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