Father Burns Son to Death in Karachi for Poor Performance in Studies


Last Wednesday, in Karachi\’s Orangi Town neighbourhood, a heartless Father Burns Son on fire by dousing him in kerosene oil after the boy failed to provide an adequate response regarding his academic pursuits. Salim Khan, the police station\’s SHO at Iqbal Market, reported that the 12-year-old child begged his father for permission to go outside and fly a kite. Instead of approving, the father questioned him about his academic standing.

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The son\’s failure to appease his father enraged him. As a response, the father doused his son with kerosene oil and lit a match to set him ablaze.

Father Burns Son

After hearing her son\’s screams, the mother entered the room. She threw blankets and other clothing to put out the fire. After that, the kid was hurried to Civil Hospital Karachi.

The youngster was hospitalised for two days before passing away on Friday. The following day, the family buried the child. The Iqbal Market Police acted after discovering a video of the event on social media on Sunday.

The father was taken into custody after the mother filed a complaint at the Iqbal Market Police Station. According to the preliminary inquiry, the father has admitted to his horrible crime, and an additional investigation is under progress.


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