12 Best Novels in Urdu of All Time You Must Read

12 Best Novels in Urdu of All Time You Must Read

Do you want to read the best Urdu novels this year? With this post, you can choose your best choices. Here are the top 12 Best Novels in Urdu to quench your thirst for knowledge.

In Pakistan, the Urdu book is a prominent art form. Pakistan has produced a plethora of literary classics. Reading is a method of getting knowledge and insight. Some of the best Urdu novels allow you to feel completely immersed in the plot.

Reading is the finest method to break up the monotony of everyday living. The following is a list of the Best Novels in Urdu for readers to enjoy.

Peer-e-Kamil by Umera Ahmed



Umera Ahmed\’s Peer-e-Kamil is one of the most well-known Urdu books. This is a must-read novel. In 2004, Shuaa Digest published it. Readers from all across the world have read the novel. It is ome of the Best Novels in Urdu.

The plot centres around the characters of Imama Hashmi and Salaar Sikandar. It is a story concerning the deviational faction of our society that does not believe in the finality of the Prophet (PBUH).

Umera Ahmed has beautifully narrated the terrible journey of the two unhappy souls in this novel. Salaar is portraye as a genius with a high IQ who has numerous life-related questions. Simultaneously, Imama Hashim is depicte as the polar opposite of the girl.

In terms of spiritual enlightenment, they are oppose. However, fate brings them together, and Salaar falls in love with Imama Hashim, and their lives are forever changed.

Mushaf by Nemrah Ahmed


Nimra Ahmed is a prolific author who has offered great reads to her followers. Mushaf is another book by the author that you should read. The novel\’s title is \”MUSHAF,\” which is the Arabic word for Quran.

The story follows Mehmal Ibrahim, a little orphaned girl who lives with her uncles and aunts following her father\’s death. Their treatment of Mehmal isn\’t ideal, but she needs to put up with it for her mother\’s sake. She is irritable, furious, and unappreciative.

She does, however, come upon a girl clutching a black-cover book. Nemrah assures her that the book will provide answers to all of her questions if she asks. The book turns out to be the Quran, and it has a profound impact on Mehmal\’s life.

The novel takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster. Nemrah Ahmed\’s novel elicits spiritual and religious awakening and is a masterpiece.

Jannat kay Pattay by Nemrah Ahmed


Nemeth Ahmed\’s best novel is Jannat k Pattay. Romance, emotions, suspense, and mystery are all present in the novel. The novel\’s plot revolves around the lives of a beautiful girl named \’Haya\’ and a man named \’Jahan Sikander.\’

Haya and her religious awakening are the focus of the novel. Her family\’s sophisticated and attractive kid turned out to be a hijabi girl, and she received a lot of backlash from them. She exposes the true nature of some men and society.

The novel is a roller coaster of emotions from the beginning to the finale. As in most Nemrah Ahmed\’s novels, the intriguing plot is rendered so interesting by an underlying spiritual awakening. One of the best Best Novels in Urdu.

Namal by Nemrah Ahmed


Another excellent Urdu novel to read is Namal. The tale is based on the Quran Surah \’Namal,\’ which means ants. As a result, the plot focuses on those deemed to be the weakest members of society.

The story\’s narrative revolves around a murder investigation and emphasizes the importance of money and its pervasive evil nature in society. Faris Ghazi is an intelligence officer and the protagonist of the novel.

Namal is a complex tale that blends terrible murder and deception. Faris Ghazi, a former intelligence officer, has been sentenced to death for the murders of his stepbrother and wife. On the other hand, Faris Ghazi turns out not to be the murderer.

Nemeth Ahmed\’s characters are beautifully depicted in shades of grey, and her stories are popular because they relate to a religious awakening.

Abdullah by Hashim Nadeem


Abdullah\’s journey from Ishq-e-Majazi to Ishq-e-Haqeeqi is chronicled in this spiritual novel. The story\’s main character, Sahir, is later renamed \’Abdullah,\’ and his falling in love with Zohra drastically changes his life.

The story is about Sufism and reveals what love means. He comes from a modern home where praying is frowned upon. On the other hand, Abdullah foregoes all of these advantages to find meaning in his life.

The narrative demonstrates that love is more than just a union of two bodies; it is also a union of two souls. The tale follows Abdullah on his various spiritual travels and is a must-read.

La-Hasil by Umera Ahmed


For novel enthusiasts, La-Hasil is one of the best Pakistani Urdu novels. It tells the story of a young girl who goes through a lot as she grows up. She became a call girl as a result of her ordeals. Her pure soul, on the other hand, would never accept it.


The work depicts the harsh truths of life and society. It illustrates how the souls\’ never-ending longing cannot be satisfied. Umera Ahmed\’s wonderful novel is a must-read.

Umrao Jan Ada by Mir Hadi Ruswa

Mir Hadi Ruswa\’s classic tale tells the narrative of Amiran, who is abducte and sold by Dilawar Khan in Lucknow. The narrative highlights our society\’s social and moral hypocrisy.


After being sale, Amiran becomes known as \’Umrao Jaan Ada,\’ a famous Lucknow courtesan. She is well-known for her attractiveness and charisma. Umrao Jan Ada is a gifted poet, dancer, and vocalist.

Mirat ul Uroos by deputy Nazeer Ahmed

Deputy Nazeer Ahmed has written another fantastic novel, Mirat ul Uroos. The plot centers on the two main characters, \”Akbari\” and \”Asgari,\” and their descendants. It demonstrates the distinction between the two. Akbar\’s granddaughter is conceite yet well-love.


The grandchild of the Asgari, on the other hand, is depicte as the polar opposite. Their grandkids were smitten by them and eventually married them. The tale recounts how they were forced to choose between forgiveness and religion due to adversity.

Amar Bail by Umera Ahmed

Amar Bail is another best Urdu novel by Umera Ahmed, which centers around the love tale of Umar Jehangir and Aleezay Sikandar. Umar is from a corrupt bureaucrat\’s family, while Aleezay comes from a damaged home and lives with her maternal parents.


The novel depicts Pakistan\’s genuine bureaucratic culture and the effects of fractured families. It\’s not just about Aleezay and Umer; it\’s also about society\’s hunger for power, insecurities, sacrifices, brok families, and unbalanced relationships.


Nepotism, corruption, the dominance of power, and unfairness are just a few of the social ills that Umera Ahmed has beautifully highlighte. This incredible novel was serialize in Shuaa Digest from March 2000 to March 2003.

Udaas Naslain by Abdullah Hussain

Abdullah Hussain\’s best Urdu novel is a must-read for everyone. The novel is divide into three sections. It chronicles the British Raj, the Indian Independence Movement, and India\’s division.


The Muslim families of Roshan agha, Niaz Baig, and Ayaz Baig are at the story\’s center. Roshan Agha is a member of a powerful political family. At the same time, Niaz and Ayaz Baig\’s family lived in Roshanpur village.


As the First World War begins, Niaz Baig\’s son, Naeem, joins the army. After returning home, he enters politics after seeing the injustice that has  done to Roshanpur.

Hamsafar by Farhat Ishtiaq


Farhat Ishtiaq\’s classic novel \’Hamsafar\’ is considere one of the best Urdu novels in Pakistan. The novel of the same name has also spawned a well-known play. Selfishness, ego, and misunderstandings are all depicted in the novel, leading to ruined relationships and families.


Third, Asher and Harem are the main characters in this novel (daughter). The Khird is the novel\’s protagonist and the sole child who her mother raised after her father died. Khird learns that her mother has diagnosed with terminal cancer.


With Khird marrying her uncle\’s son Asher, the tale is full of surprises. They have to deal with many difficulties in their lives, but they do so with patience and perseverance. The novel is an emotional roller coaster and a must-read.

Aangan by Khadija Mastoor

Khadija Mastoor refers to Aangan as her masterpiece. In 1962, the novel was publishe. Angan is now available in nearly 13 languages for its best story about India\’s division. The tale is set against the backdrop of the independence movement and current political events.


Chammi, Alia, and Jamil are the central characters in the plot. They come from a wealthy family. On the other hand, the story has eloquently depicted the importance of women in the construction of a home.


It demonstrates how the political environment in their country affects their family. The family members sell the mansion after their father\’s death, and their decline begins. Must read Khadija Mastoor\’s wonderful novel.

The novel closes a list of the 12 best Urdu novels written by well-known Pakistani authors. The novels mentioned are from many genres, such as history, romance, and religious fiction.

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