Best Steel Companies in Pakistan


As of our latest update in August 2023, these are the best steel companies in Pakistan. In today’s competition, the rankings may change over time. However, here is the list of some well-known steel companies in Pakistan that were prominent as of our last update:

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Amreli Steels Limited:

Amreli Steels is one of the largest manufacturers of steel reinforcement bars in Pakistan.

Agha Steel Industries:

Agha Steel Industries is another major player in the steel industry, producing a variety of steel products.

International Steels Limited (ISL):

ISL is one of the largest manufacturers of flat steel products in Pakistan, catering to a wide range of industries.

Mughal Iron & Steel Industries Limited:

Mughal Iron & Steel is known for producing a variety of steel products, including billets, bars, and structural steel.

Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM):

Pakistan Steel Mills is a state-owned enterprise and one of the largest integrated steel producers in Pakistan. It has faced financial challenges in recent years.

Ittehad Steel:

Ittehad Steel is involved in the production of various steel products, including billets and reinforcement bars.

Kamran Steel:

Kamran Steel is an emerging producer of deformed bars and reinforcement steel bars in Pakistan. One of the biggest achievements of Kamran Steel this year is to Supply steel in Diamer Bhasha Dam.

Please note that the rankings and status of these companies may have changed since our last update. It’s advisable to check the latest financial reports, market trends, and industry news for the most current information. We have to consider factors such as production capacity, product quality, and financial stability when evaluating the best steel companies.


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