Year in Search 2023: Google Announces Top Trending Searches in Pakistan

Year in Search 2023
Year in Search 2023

Year in Search 2023: As the new year draws near, it’s time to reflect on the most intriguing and noteworthy events from Google’s Year in Search of 2023. The most popular searches in 2023 revealed the Pakistani audience’s diverse interests and changing preferences, from a love of important events and tales to entertainment and cricket.

The most popular searches of the year provide an intriguing look into the unique trends that Pakistanis were enthralled with in 2023. Let’s get started and examine the queries that were included in this year’s listings.

Who are they searching for?

The top 10 trending searches for “people” in Pakistan for 2023 feature a wide variety of personalities, reflecting the public’s various interests. Among the most sought-after names this year were Hareem Shah and Aliza Sehar. Bollywood star Tiger Shroff, who was heavily searched this year amid concerns for his well-being, came in third.

Promising young players such as Abdullah Shafique, Saud Shakeel, and the budding prodigy Haseebullah Khan were highly sought after by Pakistani cricket fans. Anwar ul Haq Kakar, Pakistan’s acting prime minister, was also highly visible, demonstrating the country’s interest in politics. Apart than that, Glenn Maxwell and Shubman Gill also made it in because of their outstanding World Cup exploits, and Usman Khan made waves with his extraordinary Pakistan Super League innings.

Who are they searching for

On the Front Page:

Since the conflict in Israel and Gaza has dominated news coverage, it is no surprise that this year’s most popular search term is related to it. However, the Ehsaas Program, the next most popular item on the list, was also searched for, indicating the public’s interest in the government’s financial assistance programs.

The horrible events of the Peshawar Blast captivated the attention of the country and made people worry about their safety and security. Pakistanis have a strong understanding of finance as seen by their active search for economic indicators like the Pakistani Rupee and their ability to stay informed about changing foreign exchange rates.

On the Front Page

Reasons to Celebrate:

With a mix of religious holidays, athletic events, and political turning points, the top trending searches in this category in 2023 provide astute and fascinating insights into Pakistanis’ interests. Major cricket competitions such as the Pakistan Super League, Cricket World Cup, Asia Cup 2023, Indian Premier League, and Ashes figure heavily in the top five trending searches in this category, demonstrating the nation’s unwavering passion for the game. The Lanka Premier League, however, secured the ninth position.

Religious holidays also play a significant role in these search trends. For instance, searches for Ramadan Mubarak, Eid-ul-Fitr 2023, and Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak in Pakistan demonstrated people’s eagerness for the festive celebrations. On the political front, Pakistan National Elections 2023 also managed to get on the list in the 10th spot, highlighting Pakistani’s interest in the democratic process.

Reasons to Celebrate

Film Buff Queries:

Pakistan’s film industry is diverse and dynamic, as seen by this year’s top trending searches. The top spot on the trending list went to Christopher Nolan’s brilliant portrayal of Oppenheimer, which was followed by the popular films Jawan and Pathan, which starred Shahrukh Khan from Bollywood. Barbie, a global sensation with a feminist attitude and an uplifting message of girl power, was very popular in Pakistan, ranking in the top 5.

Furthermore, the box office triumphs of Tiger 3, Gadar 2, Jhon Wick 4, and Extraction 2 indicate that there was a strong demand from viewers for more suspenseful action thrillers from international film studios. Carry on Jatta 3 caught the attention of Pakistanis who were looking for lighthearted comedy and desi humor at the same time. The TV series Farzi also made it onto the list.

Film Buff Queries

Culinary Explorations:

The top 10 trending recipe searches cover a wide range of tastes, preparation methods, and culinary customs. The most popular triangular food item in the subcontinent, samosas, delicious kaleji, and the queen of all festival-related sweet dishes, sheer khurma, occupied the top three slots. The inclusion of Namkeen Gosht on the list, along with the often requested recipe for a homemade tomato ketchup substitute, was made possible by Pakistan’s meat-loving population.

Google Ventures Into Meme Culture With .meme Domain

One of the delicious and simple-to-make snacks on the list is a recipe for chicken rolls. But when it comes to beverages, watermelon juice is a welcome addition, reflecting a desire for refreshing delights amid the intense heat of Pakistan’s summers this year.

The inclusion of a traditional steak recipe and the perennially well-liked Tikka Boti highlights Pakistan’s love of meat-based foods and barbecue.

Culinary Explorations

The Cricket Fever:

Within the thrilling realm of cricket, Pakistan’s most popular searches for matches in 2023 are a reflection of the country’s intense love for the game. The three most searched-for matches were Pakistan against Australia, Pakistan vs Afghanistan, and Pakistan vs New Zealand. All three matches had exciting matchups. The highly-discussed final-round cricket World Cup match between India and New Zealand secured the fourth position.

With more searches for exciting matches like Pakistan vs. Netherlands, India vs. Pakistan, Australia vs. England, India vs. Australia, Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka, and England vs. Pakistan, the cricket fever persisted.

The Cricket Fever

Seeking Information:

When in a bind, Pakistanis also turn to Google for assistance. The top 10 “How to” searches that are now trending in Pakistan provide an insight into the questions that people are asking themselves. This year, when WhatsApp channels were introduced, there was a surge in interest, making the creation of a WhatsApp channel the most searched-for How To this year. Pakistanis were also considering seeking for a Canada visa, especially this year. Some more imaginative and practical searches for How Tos include prolonging the life of flowers and removing mehndi from hands.

Exam results and matric result checks were among the many questions that were searched. This year has been crucial for AI development, and users have expressed a strong desire to integrate AI into all of the applications they use. As a result, searches for AI-related topics on Snapchat have risen to the top of popular searches this year.

Seeking Information

As we greet the new year, a look back at Google’s Year in Search for 2023 illustrates the rich weave of Pakistani interests. The subjects of the most popular searches are diverse, ranging from the timeless appeal of cricket to the intriguing biographies of well-known people.

In addition to reflecting the past, these search trends offer a glimpse into the shifting interests that Pakistanis will be captivated by as we approach the new year. Cheers to an additional year of education, development, and inquisitiveness!


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