10 Best talk shows in pakistan of 2023

10 Best talk shows in pakistan of 2023

Every day, numerous discussion shows are broadcast in Pakistan, either with a political or comedic focus. These shows frequently feature guests whose perspectives are discussed using evidence and data. This article lists the best talk shows in Pakistan that will air in 2023. Keep checking back to learn about the top 10 Pakistani talk shows for 2023.

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Pakistan Talk Shows List

Talk shows on Pak TV are much-liked outside of Pakistan as well. Here is a list of some of Pakistan\’s most recent discussion shows.

  • Live with Dr. Shahid Masood
  • The Reporters
  • Sawal Yeh Hai
  • Hansana Mana Hai
  • The Last Hour
  • Live With Nasrullah Malik
  • Rubaroo
  • Night Edition
  • Khabarhar with Aftab Iqbal
  • Mere Sawal
  • 7 by 8 With Sana Hashmi
  • Tonight with Monalam
  • Naya Pakistan
  • News Eye
  • Face to Face
  • Capital Talk
  • Faisla Aap Ka
  • Off the Record
  • Hard Talk Pakistan
  • Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Ke Sath
  • Kal Tak
  • Bolo Talat Hashmi Kay Sath
  • Awaz
  • 11th Hour
  • Mad e Muqabil
  • Newsline with Dr. Maria Zulfiqar
  • Breaking Point with Malick
  • Muqabil
  • Black and White
  • Report Card
  • Khabar Hai
  • Najam Sethi Show
  • News Edge with Fareeha Idrees

10 best talk shows in pakistan

The audience for any talk show in Pakistan varies depending on the topics covered and the information delivered. There are numerous viewers for several Pakistani talk shows, nevertheless. The top 10 Pakistani talk shows for 2023 are listed here.

Live with Dr. Shahid Masood

Popular in Pakistan, \”Live with Dr. Shahid Masood\” is a talk program. Its idea is based on news talk shows that discuss national politics and current events.

As the name implies, \”Dr. Shahid Masood\” is a journalist who hosts this program on the \”G News Network,\” also known as GNN. 2014 saw the debut of this program on a Pakistani TV network.

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In 2014, the program was broadcast on the Pakistani TV station \”News One.\” But Dr. Shahid Masood joined \”ARY News\” in February 2016. He joined the \”BOL Network\” in late 2016 and continued till February 2017.

In 2019, he returned to the \”News One network.\” He joined the GNN TV channel network in 2019 and launched his program, \”Live with Dr. Masood.\”


The \”92 News HD\” TV station in Pakistan is home to Muqabil, another of the top Pakistani TV chat shows. Due to its dependability, this show has maintained a sizable audience since its April 30, April 30, 2019, debut.

The Sarwat Valim is the host of the \”Muqabil talk program.\” Haroon Rasheed expresses his viewpoint on many topics as a seasoned journalist who participates in the program.

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This talk show\’s popularity results from the dialogue it conveys to the viewers. In order to better connect with the audience and help them comprehend the complex subject, the discussion of the many concerns is conducted using straightforward language and extremely simple concepts.

The show\’s goal is to expose politicians, Pakistani scandals, and breaking news in the fields of business, technology, sports, and show business.

Breaking Point with Malick

One of Pakistan\’s most popular talk shows, \”Breaking Point with Malick,\” is broadcast on the country\’s 92 News Channel.

The well-known and well-known journalist Muhammad Malick hosts the program \”Breaking Point with Malick.\” Muhammad Malick\’s honest, vivid, and forceful demeanor have earned him a spot on the list of top Pakistani journalists.

A panel of experts composed of analysts, politicians, and journalists will be featured on the show \”Breaking Point with Malick.\” Therefore, this panel is used to conduct the conversation. Each panelist expresses their opinions on the debate or problem raised that day.

Due to its honesty and direct dialogue, this show has a positive reputation in Pakistan. The program is often broadcast three days a week, from Friday to Sunday, at 8:00 PM, on \”92 HD News.\”

Capital Talk

A popular Pakistani channel, \”Geo News\” airs the political chat show \”Capital Talk.\” \”Hamid Mir\” is the host of this program. The program\’s primary goal is to discuss the difficulties, issues, and challenges that Pakistan encounters daily.

Several visitors are invited to participate in the program, covering current events this week. This program airs from Monday through Thursday, four days a week.

This program premiered back in 2002. The show\’s producer is Jahangir Malick. Top politicians like Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif, General Pervez Musharraf, etc., are also interviewed. The longest-running talk program in Pakistan, Capital Talk, has been streaming.

Off the record

The ARY news channel airs the Pakistani talk show-style television program \”Off the Record.\” The show\’s host is Kashif Abbasi.

This program is centere on current events that draw interest from the general people in politics. Three or four guests are invite to this show and must respond to the host\’s questions. All domestic and international political problems are covere in this program.

This program is well-known for offering factual information and critiquing the present administration. Additionally, this program airs four days a week on ARY News for forty minutes.

The program host, \”Kashif Abbasi,\” is a skilled journalist renowned for posing provocative and original questions. The success of the show is a result of his forthright approach to the guests. This channel so faces competition from a number of other highly regarded programs in Pakistan.

Najam Sethi Show

Another top TV talk show in Pakistan is host by Najam Sethi on this \”Najam Sethi Show.\” Pakistani journalist Najam Sethi is a smart, award-winning professional. He continued to serve as head editor of other publications, including \”the Friday times,\” \”Daily times,\” and others.

Pakistan\’s 24 News Channel airs Najam Sethi\’s chat show. This program typically covers and analyses Pakistan\’s current events.

On August 2, August 2, 2021, Najam Sethi appeared on 24 News for the first time in a while. At 10:00 PM, he broadcasts his program. He performs every day from Monday through Wednesday. He is still revealing many politicians\’ true selves by taking off their masks.

Khabarhar with Aftab Iqbal

A discussion program called \”Khabarhar with Aftab Iqbal\” debuted on January 6, 2023. This conversation show is carrie on the \”Samaa News\” channel. In the program, Aftab Iqbal serves as the host. The audience is growing fond of the program.

One of Pakistan\’s most well-regarded journalists, Aftab Iqbal, has hosted popular Pakistani talk shows. His entertaining team members conduct political stuff in the style of comedy on this comedy show.

The show\’s talented creator, Aftab Iqbal, frequently discusses numerous social and political concerns in our society and neighborhood.

Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Sath

Pakistan\’s \”Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada kay Sath\” is a well-liked chat show that airs every hour. One of the biggest Pakistani TV stations, \”Geo News,\” broadcasts the program. The political analysis of recent news stories and current political events is discuss on the show.

Young and gifted Pakistani journalist Shahzeb Khanzada offers his high-quality audience analyses. He has worked for numerous news organizations, including Aaj News, Express News, and Dunya News. He is expertly utilizing his abilities to raise the caliber of the program and its substance.

Every day from Monday through Thursday at 10:03 PM, this program airs. It appears again at 2:03 PM the next day. So, if you miss a program at night, catch it at 2:03 PM the next day.

The Reporters

Another well-known chat show on Pakistan\’s ARY news channel is \”The Reporter.\” Maria Memon is the host. This 40-minute program is also a political analysis program.

Chaudhary Ghulam Hussain is invite to participate in this program as a political analyst.

Hansna Mana Hai

A humorous talk show is call \”Hansana Mana Hai.\” Guests from the Pakistani TV business, including actors, politicians, and well-known public figures, are ask to appear on this show.

The program\’s host is Tabish Hashmi. He is a Pakistani comedian. Numerous vivacious personalities, like Saba Qamar, Hiba Bukhari, Javid Miandad, Mira Iqbal, Zarnish Khan, and many more, have invite to this performance.

Final Note

Almost all of the best talk shows in pakistan are list on this page. A brief summary of Pakistan\’s top talk show in 2023. Additionally, all information is provided here, including timing, host, and transmitting channel. Decide which program you enjoy watching the most.

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